Two forms and breath

As we already know, the deep abdominal respiration strenghtens a Center. I consider that a Center is that rod on which one both forms are beaded. It is impossible to take advantage of the concept of the dual form, without owning a deep abdominal respiration.

The state of both forms should be balanced. Excessive development of a life-form undermines stability also a health of the grounded form. As inhabitants of this planet, we permanently test on ourselves force of an earth’s attraction and feel of the zazemlennosti. However if we begin to attach to this feel excessive significance it can lead us to depression. In this case we will lose those capabilities which one are given us by a life form. And it both will, and self-trust, aiming to move, grow, rise up, to give itself to the world.

Our life form should be developed to such level freely to bleed through through delineations of the grounded form when it is demanded by a situation. But if you excessively use force of one of forms and in vain to spend it can soon discover that its stores have run low. Please to itself. Be wise.

Abuse by one form will necessarily affect another. We should learn to shun such overloads. For the successful contractor the scene exchanges all remaining in life, and it it makes major demands to the life-form. If in protrusion it is required to display the physical capabilities the grounded skew field is overstrained. For this parent many after the protrusion feel either raised, or killed, either performed forces, or absolutely exhausted. These states are well familiar to me. I endured them often in the career.

Many contractors — not only on a scene, but also in an orb of business, jurisprudence, medicine and formation, — all those who expend too many forces that submission has transited successfully, felt similar feels. Some of them resorted to the help alcohol or narcotics to retain themselves in shape. The same who possessed larger wisdom, were engaged in relaxing physical exercises and meditations to boost deep breath and to strenghten a Center. And they got a prompt, dependable and pleasant support to both forms.

The maiden method in which one artificial substitutes are used, is capable to stabilise promptly a state, but aftereffects all will be heavier each time, while the contractor will not burn down on this light.

Depending on the balance sheet of both forms and present situation demands, we can gain, if mentally we enlarge or we reduce in sizes the vital or grounded form. Sizes of these forms is not that we see in a mirror; we perceive these sizes mentally and emotionally under miscellaneous condition. When your grounded form has shrivelled or corrugated, you can use energy of a life-form to shape up.

Boundaries of our grounded skew field, a surface of our skin always should be perceived by us as an absorbent sponge, instead of as the rigid sealed up construction. The strain leads often to that our pores on a skew field are closed down and restrict capability of our vital skew field to spread the vital power outside. There is also a necessity of an output of various hazardous substances from the grounded form but if it is sealed up it becomes impossible. We permanently should to relax and uncover these "pores" intentionally. And in it you can always rely on deep breath and support of your Center.

You should direct inspirations to a Center, and expirations — from a Center to attain equal balance of the grounded and vital forms and to become the healthy and satisfactory person. And such equal balance will yield you breath art.

Help itself to endure mental anguish

How to discover escaping of negative condition? How to spot, which senses and emotions retain your soul in a disease state and cause you to be returned permanently in injuring situation, running up your thoughts on grown hateful circle?

I want to acquaint you with karmapsihologicheskoj a procedure which one has helped many people with crisis situations. It contains some simple and effective references which one I advise to apply, when to you it is bad also you test mental anguish, but cannot or be afraid (the such happens pretty often, after all we instinctively shun thoughts on bad, tiring out them in myself) to spot a radiant of the sincere discomfort.

To learn to overcome the mental anguish, it is necessary for you to acquire certain skills, so to say, to learn with it to be converted.

First of all, yield we will clarify that from itself mental anguish and for what it is yielded us introduces.

Recall the karmic law of accord: "Both below, and overhead. Small equally great. That happens to us happens and to the Universe, and on the contrary".

This law allows us to perceive that any exterior situations causing in us mental anguish, are first of all reflex of that happens at us inside that we at the yielded stage of the life ourselves introduce. Everything that with us happens at present are cues about how much during this moment our life is harmonic, and on what it is necessary to pay attention in to itself.

If to us it is good, and we feel comfortably, means, for some time we have attained certain harmony, that is have equilibrated the inwardness with its external reflex — situations added round us and external world events.

If to us it is bad, that, analysing the negative events happening to us, we can perceive that is not perfectly in order at us inside, and that it is necessary to modified in myself that the outer side of our life was added more congenially for us.

Therefore it is not necessary to be afraid of a pain — it only a cue that is ill-behaved in your perception of life. That the pain has transited, first of all it is necessary to perceive, where this trouble hides. As soon as we will spot, on what beckets it is held down, mental anguish will cease, and we will see escaping of an injuring situation.

So, we will initiate.

To begin with tell to itself that you not maiden and not the last woman in this world, testing mental anguish. Infraconsciously each person is able to manage it — differently people would die out for a long time already as a type.

Know that despite a pain, everything that happens to you now, becomes more narrow by the evening past. Consider happened with you as one of instants of the life, as painfull, but a short episode. For certain you in the life have already endured much that first too it seemed awful and intolerable. It not the maiden event when you test mental anguish.

Recall, as you sometimes speak: "Well and the silly woman I was half a year, year, 5 years ago". Thus you as if watch yourselves from outside, from the future. These observations will help you to perceive that if in the past it was possible to you to cope with a pain, means it will be possible and now. Having returned to the past painfull states, you without fail will discover that they already do not seem you such terrible and intolerable that is why did not cost your experiences and those sincere forces which one you have spent for a control with them.

Therefore it is not necessary to consider mental anguish exceptional as a negative state. Having endured a pain, you will fathom that this experience has made you more strongly and more wisely that you have learnt the price to many things on light — lives, love, death. You have learnt the force and have experienced the capabilities.

How to help itself to endure mental anguish, without escaping from it and without tiring out it inside? How with the least losses to quit a discomfortable state and to return to harmonic happy life?

The principal rule — not to be afraid of mental anguish. I recommend to you not to escape from a pain, and to make its ally. Wonder, where is ill most strongly — what to recall more difficultly about what nevynosimee all to think and speak.

Understand with the pain. After all our soul feels a miscellaneous pain — caused by sense of guilt, losses, various pavors.

What pain is tested by you?

Be not restricted to phrases: "All is bad, all is awfully, I do not want to live, I do not see an output". I advise to you to store one simple everyday true: an output there, where an input.

Analyze the pain, and she will point a trajectory to an output. There, where most painfully, also those beckets on which one your suffering affliction soul is hanged up hide.

How to grope these beckets?

Prepare itself to that hardly similar routine will give to you huge pleasure, however consider it as indispensable operation. It is is offensive enough, but is not lethal.

Fancy that you in the dark grope an ecchymosis on the skew field. Mentally be diped in a painfull situation for you. Wonder: "Why to me so it is bad, because of what my soul is ill, what most of all does not yield me the rest, what thoughts and memories the most offensive?"

Key phrase in the present state of affairs: "Of what to me otvratitelnee all to think?". It will help you to quit on a radiant of your negative experiences and to assort for herself the pain that, undoubtedly, is the first step to getting rid of it.

Do not lie to itself, do not try to trick itself. Be fair with itself. Trust in the feels — they it is not truck and will always suggest you where is the most sick — certainly, there, of what otvratitelnee all to think.

If you have correctly spotted a painful point in the soul, you will lighten at once, remission. You will break from a becket. From eyes as though the hymenium will fall, and you will see, what exactly did not allow a situation to be added how you want actually. There will be a capability to trace all line-up of events. You will fathom, on what the discomfortable situation for you and why it was added so, and not differently was held down. You will see that for a becket held down you in this painfull, that is why an intolerable standing — sense of guilt, offence, arrogance, pavor.

As soon as you spot for yourselves a radiant of the pain, you will have a feeling of remission. This inexpressible feel, and you it with what will not confuse. Freedom as which one you will feel, will give you a select capability — what to accept or to accept as to lead and from what to refrain. You will fathom, the true or false desire bases a situation, and will marshal it any more how that is demanded by other people or condition, and according to that you want actually, that is in harmony from the Universe.

And when you we will find distortionless a pain, an interested view on a situation and will experience freedom, the standing will start to change. You will allow changes to happen, and hindrances will start to disappear. You will grope a tongs.

I congratulate you. You have done huge spiritual operation. Store this state and be returned in it every time when the past will resemble to you of itself.

The Universe is cyclic, therefore recall about tides more often, and afford though occasionally prodyshatsja — mentally to return to the getting rid moments, in that emotional physical agent which one is characteristic for comfortable states of soul. Do not forget that the happiness is not a gift and not an award, this customary (the truth, many free and involuntary sufferers forgotten partially) the state of human soul intended for us of the Universe.

Two forms and sexual identification

I like to be amused the guess that our dual form can affect on how we define the of sexes. We can identify accurately staminate or a female of the grounded form. But we will guess that the life form cannot be featured as female or staminate, but it is possible to spot only in it a ratio of In and Jan. Traditionally In associates with female energy, and Jan with the staminate. In other words, the stereotype was added that in the woman energy, and in the man the jansky should dominate inskaja. At each person there are both energies, but at a birth it is allotted with an own natural spectrum of In and Jan. The speed key of In and Jan which one approaches one person, not necessarily is satisfactory for another.

Allow me to prolong to play with the guess that my concept of two forms of a skew field is correct. In that case there is a probability that the staminate grounded form should be added by a female life-form. Also what then? As a rule, In embodies a feminity principle, and Jan — courage. Therefore I think that determination of sex of any person, being grounded only on its grounded form, is not exact. If at identification is hollow to regard a ratio of In and Jan in a vital skew field very few of us can state that they on hundred percents of the woman or the man.

Many people of our civilisation, including modern, have a patriarchy, the company is oriented on men and grounded on brute force application. Actually, staminate appearance can concern only to the grounded form. If to consider that both forms are equally relevant for our skew field it seems irregular to donate reins of government of one of them.

Centuries of a civilisation of the East and the West carried out the opinions about the person ground the visible facts. For example, using a word "gentleman", we usually mean the cultural, organised person though word-for-word it is translated as "the coddled, effeminate man". Conventional Chinese concepts state that the organised, cultural, intellectual person possesses a considerable quantity of invisible muscles in a brain. Apparently, such output has been made that workers, soldiers and fighters have more developed muscles.

If to develop further my concept of a dual skew field there is a capability that the Nature naturally mates in one person the staminate grounded form with inskoj a life-form — and on the contrary. All types of speed keys are possible. And then accurate difference between flaps becomes more dim. If to the female grounded form there does not match inskaja a life form, and staminate — jansky, what then is gained? Natural performances of a life-form will be killed by public dogmas and as a result the person will be unfortunate — or will be transmuted into the derelict. Human beings are complete of surprises. Who knows, what will bring to us tomorrow? But in one we can be assured for certain: our life will depend on how we breathe.

Do not cry on the escaped milk

Up until that time we considered situations, characteristic for people which one, and truth, with the objective point of view, a sin on something to complain.

Unfortunately, life occasionally gives us rather offensive surprises causing us during some time tragically to look at the world and to doubt the humane and philanthropic Universe system. It can be everything, everything — from dismissal from favourite operation to death of the loved one. Anyway, in such events we are salvaged by those zhiznestojkost and a special way of thinking which one advocate each person from negative actions and help it to find composure. Remember, all is thought.

When with you there is something terrible and irreparable it seems that the world round you has failed. You lose a point of bearing and do not know how to cope with a grief. The past is destroyed, the present is not present, and the future is black. Be not frightened: changes have come to this moment in your life. Reconcile to them and be not afraid — after all you have already much worried in the life.

Recall the karmic law of pace: "All escapes and inflows; all has the tides; all appearances originate and fall into decay".

The knowledge of this law clearly lets know that the termination of any situation is an initiation always of following pleasure carrying to us at all less and happiness, than we want.

What will help you to find composure in continuances of vital shocks and cataclysms?

I tender you foolproof, but very effective karmapsihologicheskuju a procedure which one will help you to tolerate with the least sincere losses the nuisances which have been felted on you, misfortunes and fatalities.

So, we will initiate.

Each of us endured spiritual wounds which one parentage is subordinated to karmic laws of a floating lever and pace in the life. We will not consider now their parent, which one great variety — from materializatsii your characteristic negative creations to necessity to transit your personal vital lesson.

To begin with simply store a key phrase: "In a year I will recall it".

Resemble to itself that with you and earlier there were shocks — for example, five years ago, either three, or year. In this time life was not at a stop. You have reconciled to any losses, something without what life seemed impossible, irrevocably cunningly, having abandoned only memories on the endured pain. You began to concern more easy to the past and again have found reliance of the future.

Right now, without shelving, try to recall a specific negative situation which one has happened with you once for a long time and which one has abandoned a trace in your soul and has turned over all your life.

And now take courage and try to analyze, as gradually your ratio to the event which has brought a grief in your life, eventually, changed.

Recall, as after any period, for example, year, you told about this shock to other people. Will pay special attention that a year later in the story about the happened there was some dispassionateness and even zauchennost, emphases were modified. At you necessity so disappeared more often and all about it to tell.

Try to answer truthfully to itself some problems, for example:

"You test what senses at this memory now when has transited year? To you it is terrible? Was offensive? Painfully? Or the pain has already ceased to excruciate you?

"You have forgiven yourselves for that, what’s happened?

"What eventually you tried to embellish in your story?

"And how was actually?

"Now, in a year, you perceive yourselves and all who participated in the happened is better?

"You have forgiven them for that, what has happened?

"And what you are afraid to admit till now even to yourselves?

"And what never would tell to nobody and why?

"And about what till now are ready to iterate all and to everyone?

"Now fancy, as in a year you tell that has happened to you: to the girlfriend, relatives, the loved one.

"To whom else would you like to tell about it, and in what words?

"Recall, than your present version differs from that, what you told right after happened?

Your answers should be absolutely frank, differently operation will simply lose meaning. And what reason to trick if you want to help yourselves?

Is better, if you do this spiritual operation (yes-yes, be not afraid of these words so it and it is termed), having armed with a paper and the pen. In that case an effectiveness of a procedure increases multiply. But if to you laziness (anybody for it will not denounce you) then think of it at a leisure.

If you take courage though time in life to answer itself the problems set forth above once again be convinced that in the world there is nothing invariable about what the karmic law of changes speaks to us: "All is driving. Changes neotvratimy. Fear of changes leads to stagnation. Stagnation is look-alike to death".

All transits. Nothing is perpetually, and any pain ceases in due course.

Therefore store a simple rule: be not afraid of mental anguish, it not for ever and is only your temporary state — consider it as a capability to learn something new about itself and about the world. Do not tyre out the pain inside, simply endure it, having allowed it to be. As soon as you will cease to be afraid of a pain and to escape from it, it will start to disappear. It will add to you forces and will give new capabilities.

Do not wait, when with you there will be an alternate tragical event. Do the operation featured above right now — analyze by means of the problems tendered by me as your ratio to already happened with you once to fatality changed eventually.

Store the key phrase given above already now as when to you there will be something offensive enough, to you will have no time for the assaying of the antecedents! Having worked with itself now, in a quiet and comfortable state of mind, you will be prepared for future trials and will tolerate them with smaller sincere losses. It is notified — means it is armed.

Changes are foregone, and the pace law warrants to you that behind night day will follow.

Therefore, what with you happens, do not doubt: you will manage to endure it. In tragical situations lean against a key phrase: "In a year I will recall it" and remember — in a year you will be other person, with new experience and new priorities. Do not concern to itself, as to a monolith, invariable in centuries. You are modified, the world round you will be modified. In a year you will have new desires and new capabilities. Time you are alive — you have an alternate chance fortunately.

Leah it is necessary to catch in cycles on that tragedy, what to you has happened, proofly to be held down for memories, enjoying a negative, and for the rest of the life to scroll past, how bothered, but customary cine? After all any horror film, even the most terrible, becomes boring in due course. Any more so heart in the most monstrous episodes fades, already know by heart all subject turning movements, already there is no that maiden, stunning impression — all is familiar, all is customary, all know by heart.

Remember that any changes even most, apparently, tragical, carry to you up-dating and chance to try unknown still you life. A leah therefore is sense infinitely to wail over the escaped milk, being clinged for the past? Allow life a leakage, to changes to happen, and to itself — to change together with them. Be ready to changes, be not afraid of them, accept them if not with pleasure then as due, watch of them with concern — after all to us so it is a little released why not to dare to test all?

I very much like saying of Nitsshe "that does not slay us, makes more strongly" which one I mentioned above — it very precisely illustrates the most healthy psychologic spirit which one we can work out in ourselves in relation to injuring reality situations.

Be assured: if you are still alive, means, the capability is given you not only to endure any grief, but also the alternate trying is yielded to test new happiness.

TSi and a life form

Application of the techniques tendered in "breath Art", not only enlarges arrival of oxygen and circulation of energy of Tsi, but also gives a delivery to a Center, that Center on which one my physical and mental stability depends.

In spite of the fact that east hospital principles were grounded by millenaries on operation with Tsi, the western hospital science has not installed existence of this energy. Was possiblly, the parent that thin energy of Tsi primarily is in a life-form of the person.

About fifteen years ago when I lived in Hong Kong, I have met my friend Elajn and her husband Sam. When we considered our businesses, Sam has told to me about the experience of transcendental meditation.

Its experience of abiding out of a skew field has attacked me. Soon after that once in the evening when I rested and was plotted to appear in a playing key role in "Don Pascal", I have tested a method of relaxing of Sam. Subitaneously I have appeared above, looking at the skew field lying on a bed. As I was not ready to it, I was very much frightened, have started and have returned inversely. Since then I never iterated it.

Not so long ago, without any tryings for my part, to me there was again this phenomenon. Why not? In me there is so much everything that it is impossible to see eyes. And how much all still can be discovered. I faced a mirror, fulfilling the customary exercises for the night. I have seen aura of a zolotisto-pink tone which one supported limits of my physical skew field on some centimetres. Gradually it began to extend, and then was diluted in air. During this short instant I have been absolutely fascinated and exulted.

Sometimes I compare my physical skew field to the clothing weaved from threads of two miscellaneous flowers. The pink tone matches to a life-form, and green — the grounded form. When I see a speck on green bloom, the parent multiplexing of pink bloom can minister to it. And if I start to remove a speck from green bloom it will not be possible to me. In other words, the headache not always bears that something is not perfectly in order with a head (that is with your grounded skew field).

Was possiblly if you validate a flow of Tsi in your vital skew field cure a pain in a head, a neck or even in a maw. When we splice muscles in our grounded skew field, we develop physical force and power. When we develop our vital skew field we cultivate an internal force and vital power and such bars, as patience, sympathy, understanding, responsiveness, intuition, love and many other thin internal qualities.

The correct breath charges my grounded form with oxygen and powers my life form of Tsi.

My grounded form has physical restraints, but over it the life form transferring in an aerosphere shines. My grounded form is connected to sex, and vital — with love.

Such superimposing and interplay of two forms constitutes our physical existence. The grounded form is maintained by oxygen and a delivery, and the life form depends primarily on a flow of Tsi. The health of both forms to a great extent depends on how we breathe.

Physical exercises are strenghtened also by both forms. According to my experience, the smooth roundabouts strenghten a life form, and the motions directed on a straight line or a broken path, boost the grounded form.

Music or succession of sounds and pace variously influence a state of both forms. That boosts my grounded form, can gall a life form. I can spot, when, as well as what sounds to me are demanded and are useful to both forms.

How to get out of a habit to travail

Now I want to pay your attention to one of the most offensive and nonreversible aspects of gears of travail: they bring blackness in our life. It means that, intentionally overstraining the life with the negative emotions, you drop its most sweet instants (and after all it and so it is short!) also charge with its negative instead of a positive. You will add a minus (Acetum, bitterness, a poison, a poison) and will bate plus (a fruit infusion, sweet, a high, pleasure).

Analysing the life and watching of women who are converted to me behind the help, I with surprise and secret delight (female strength of mind is great all the same!) has perceived that simply there is no limit to abomination senses and emotions which one ourselves are ready to introduce in the life for ourselves while could gain from it a high. It means that we are ready to spoil ad infinitum the existence, charging with its destructive thoughts which one lead us to the destructive events bringing to nothing all our aiming fortunately, and bringing one only a pain.

It is time to cease these destructive activities.

Expensive women! Cease to revel in characteristic travails and to feel itself as heroines of the Mexican serials — unfortunate victims of rascally villains! Fathom, at last, that the motion-picture and a reality is not same. Time to you has fallen out unique chance to be born on our perfect Earth, use it, and hurry to take pleasure in all advantages which one to you are given by life.

Hurry to become happy! In any situation we have a select capability. We can always select a behavioral model which one will allow us to switch not to travail, and fortunately.

"How it to make?", — with mistrust you ask.

"Infinitesimally, Watson!", — with enthusiasm I will answer.

To begin with admit to itself that you self-contained introduce a negative and a pain in the life. To make this acknowledgement it is hard, but it will be the first step on a trajectory to brand new, is qualitative the best life.

One fine day (at least from aiming to a diversity), be shut down and see that in your travails nobody is guilty, and that exceptional your characteristic durable mental efforts lead you to unhappy life. The travail gear is launched only thanks to your characteristic negative thoughts.

Check to my private experience and experience of many women: it is necessary to see once how you personally launch the travail gear (really, sometimes funny happens to trace the non-realised passion to akterstvu — a certain share of self-irony at present will not hinder), and real dramatic changes will not keep itself waiting.

First of all you will experience them on the emotional plot — the mood will be refined, there will be an optimism, in thoughts on the past you will be saved of feel of a fault, and in thoughts on the future — from pavor. On the physical plot you in literal sense will see that in your life was added light, will decrease to zero small malaises, years making the life miserable, is unexpected for you symptoms of more severe illnesses will start to disappear.

In your life events which one will change it to the best will start to happen and to carry to you pleasure, and you will start to be convinced that the person is born for happiness. You learn to enjoy life really, and as all is learnt in comparing, will fathom that positive enjoying is much more sweet the negative.

Your life without fail will start to change for the better, and let you are not confused with that fact that you will be sometimes returned to a customary negative method of thinking. It is necessary to make major sincere efforts for ever to get out of a habit to travail which one millenaries cared and all women nursed.

Periodically this bad habit will resemble of itself, you will break and again to start to suffer affliction with a high. But let it does not frighten you are backsets will be more narrow only. After all now you have an incentive — you have already perceived, to do without travails how much more pleasantly.

To return inversely, to a comfortable state of mind, I tender you some simple regulations:

Store: each time when you feel that your mood without the visible parents starts to be degraded, start to search, what thoughts you have self-contained managed to yourselves it to spoil.

Store: cease to believe that optimistic programming you run the good luck.

Store: recall more often that in you the actress has perished, and cease to settle from the life low-cost theatre.

Store: be not afraid to feel happy, do not yield on tricks professional plakalshchikov, but also do not make the life miserable of associates the complaints.

Store: the self-irony is a perfect means for keeping up in itself of an optimistic vital spirit.

Store: do not fear backsets and believe in characteristic forces.

Store: everything that happens to you, troubleshoots your karmic problems and is reflex of that you yourselves introduce at the yielded stage of your life. All good that with you happens, means that you are in a flow of the life, so, in harmony with yourselves and from the Universe. Negative situations urge you to modified the view to the world and something to rework in itself.

Store: try to trace that method, with which one help you make the true sentimental novel of the life, which one heroes are to be strangled after several pages to save them of a pain and teardrops. Having armed with a sheet of paper, fix on it your favorite methods but if you laziness to be engaged in it so severely primely think of it at a leisure.

Anyway, undoubtedly — these rustbound gears spoiling our life, it is time to write off one on a dump. Our world is so overfilled by the affected, farfetched travail that some billions happy people will not hinder it.


1. In the capacity of warm-ups before exercise you can make a belly light massage. Suppose palms on the belly heel so that setpins looked downwards, and the belly-button was in "window" from major and index fingers.

2. Slightly press setpins on a belly, massing it bottom-up. Make so some times, and then be relaxed.

3. Sigh, if will experience desire. Well! A deep sigh — a good start of deep breath.

Now you can easily transfer to exercises from "breath Art". As you will advance, you will feel improving.

20. The bulk of the life I suffer affliction from an asthma.

When I visited one of your studios, my breath became lighter, and for the first time I have experienced that I can control the breath and check it. When I have come back home, my wife has been attacked, but has told to me that I have convinced myself of it. But I know that it not so. You how it happens could not explain? By the way, I prolong to perfect the breath, fulfilling exercises from your book.

Thanks that were divided by good news. The greatest award which one the teacher or the author can appeal for, is to learn that it really could help to refine to someone its quality of life and a health.

The asthma can unstrand in any age — at the small child or at the adult. It can be caused many parents: a genetic predisposition, an allergy, air contamination high level, stress, unnatural habits of breath and etc.

According to 1995 approximately 11 million Americans suffer affliction from an asthma, and the amount of asthmatics prolongs to be enlarged not only in America, but also worldwide. In spite of the fact that the asthma does not lead to lethal outcome, it can sometimes pose threat for life, specially if is tracked by other pulmonary diseases, such, as a chronic bronchitis or an emphysema.

Asthma symptoms are usually displayed in the form of tussis and an asthma, narrowness in chests and shortages of breath. These are signs of that respiratory tracts are clamped and narrowed that creates hindrances to air arrival.

For many asthmatics the trouble and a panic because of a coming nearer attack aggravate a state of a strain and sdavlennosti. Thanks to the modern science during bad attacks asthmatics can resort to effective drugs, that is the help from the outside. But after all it is possible to be converted and to the help from inside to take steps for the attack or even control warning over it. We can learn to diminish stress, and also to check and control our respirator. When we priobretem these skills, we will not feel any more helpless. This reliance will help you to be relaxed and bypass some symptoms.

"Breath art" will teach you how to originate breath and to check it, instead of simply to neglect it. You learn to breathe so that at you did not intercept breath. You finish inclining that the inhaled air arduously exudes through narrow bronchial tubes, and then in small air puzyrechki then air exhausts and directed to inverse travelling through the same lanes. To breathe the complete chest, you can use a following fancy.



Introduce that all your trunk, from shoulders and to a lower part, is an empty keg. Its major hole on top coincides with a larynx hole in that place where it is bridged to nasal passages. Try to yawn with a shut mouth, and you will discover this place. Track to locking this hole with the tongue retracted back. Allow air to inflow in you through a nose, through a mouth or through a nose and a mouth simultaneously just as water is poured in an empty barrel and falls for its bottom. During an expiration introduce that water escapes through a hole in the keg back end.

Contrary to a popular belief, asthma attacks are caused by expirations more often, than inspirations. You can inhale air, but when you will try to exhale it, intense respiratory tracts can cotract, and then will make an expiration very difficultly. Accomplishment of a fancy "keg" will help to overcome feel of that you do not have no air because of reduced respiratory tracts, will slacken a muscular strain and will easy emotional trouble.

Be converted also to fancies "a cone about a fallow" on p. 143 and "pit" on p. 145. Operation with these fashions develops those breathing techniques who be required to you for accomplishment of exercises in the second part of this book. Having learnt to sink your orifice as a result of the extension of muscles of a bottom flange (the heel of a belly, sheer plans and a back), you will allow air to inflow in you without efforts. Be converted also to a fancy "accordion".

If you rely exceptional on motions of shoulders and a thorax to type air as a result of a redundant work content these places become strained and nearby respiratory tracts will cause to be strained. Such undesirable strain can lead to spastic strictures of muscles of respiratory tracts and provoke asthma attacks. Learn to involve in process of breath an orifice and the belly heel as it has been conceived by the Nature.

The abdominal respiration offsets mental focal point from a pulmonary vacuity on abdominal that allows lungs and everything that to them is connected, including bronchial tubes, to be more relaxed and healthy.

Asthmatics should shun force physical exercises, however moderate regular occupations are useful to them. Exercises in this book not too vigorous, but effective enough. Anyway, always track to overstraining yourself, specially those days when you are inclined to asthma attacks, for example, when air which one you breathe, too cold or hot or during flowering times of the plants causing in you an allergy. In such days you should remember own physical hardiness and compound with it duration of exercises.

You can be converted to the answer to the Problem 19 (about an emphysema) which one concerns and an asthma.

21. I the smoker. If right after plays in tennis I begin to smoke a cigarette, I feel the strong burning sensation in lungs. Why it happens? Perhaps after a play in tennis to smoke more harmfully?

It seems that you have started to smoke not so for a long time and make it irregularly. Otherwise the precipitate on your lungs was, so dense that you would not feel a burning sensation after a play. You would be much less sensitive.

In runtime of vigorous exercises, such as a play in tennis, you breathe more penetrating and more often and your lungs are expanded and washed out by air more than usually. Fancy that your person is sooty, and you have burnt — you can not experience it at all. But if you smoete carbon black, your skin much more considerably reacts to a combustion.

I never smoked. I thought often of, a leah is the parent of pleasure from a deep tightening a cigarette smoke that we primely take a deep inspiration. The cigarette serves as a pretext that the smoker took an inspiration more penetrating, than usually. Remove a cigarette, and the smoker will not have any visible parent for a conscientious inspiration of air. It seems that it is enough and shallow breathing to persist. As it is sad! To cure the offensive feels and malaises, to you it is necessary not only to be failed from a nicotine, but also to acquire the correct habits of breath.

"Breath art" will appear is exceptional useful to those who has really solved to give up smoking.

22. A leah influences a habit of mother to a shallow breathing on

Its baby and high children?

To a role of mother it is shown as much demands, how much to any professional work, and even it is more, allowing for the round-the-clock need and for physical energy, and for emotional attention. The state of mental and physical health of mother is mirrored in its children. Same concerns and to the father who is in the same situation demanding its attention the whole days.

Mother who breathes deeply, completes Tsi and transmits its baby through arms or to high children — through hips. Children feel happy and happy. And on the contrary, superficially breathing mother neosoznanno samples Tsi at the children. Any person, lacking Tsi, tends to draw out Tsi from associates. How we breathe, influences both health, and on our ratios with other people. You never reflected, why children willingly go on arms to one people and cry on arms at others even if it is members of their monogynopaedium? TSi is not the unique parent, but one of the parents.

Children’s crying is only a part of negative influencing of depleted Tsi. When mother breathes superficially, usually it thus hoists arms, and its child neosoznanno imitates it and too starts to breathe superficially. Breath habits are mirrored as well in a voice. You sometime noted, how all children in one monogynopaedium talk absolutely equal squeaky voice or speak very softly?

Mother possessing energy of Tsi many, can become the healer for the child. It not in a state to exchange the doctor when its advice is required, but healing mother can easy, cushion and abirritate insignificant pains and offensive feels it is better, than any drug. It has a great influence on a physical and emotional health of the child. For example, Tsi which are starting with palms of mother, can deeply penetrate and abirritate gripes at the child. A stroking of the child on a back when you rock it on arms, renders huge healing effect. Stabilising deep breath creates a stabilising aerosphere in the dwelling. All these capabilities depend on your ability to breathe effectively.

Once in the evening I have come on a visit to the dwelling where there was a chilled child. The girl was capricious and escaped from arms of mother. I have supposed a palm to it on a back, and during the same moment the girl has ceased to complain, was turned to me and has smiled broadly. Then it povorkovala a little while I held down a palm on its arm. Next day to me have told that the child perfectly slept this night and by the morning again became cheerful and healthy.

23. My eight-year daughter is very sensitive to changes of my mood. If I am angry with somebody in the dwelling in the evenings, it consensually holds the breath, and sometimes it even toshnit before going to bed. I can accept what standards to easy its state before sending it to sleep?

It is not surprising that your daughter toshnit after it holds the breath. At a breath holding a thorax and orifice muscles become firm as a rock, and it, in turn, affects on its abdominal cavity. You can easily fancy this chain reaction. And, of course, to put it to bed in such state it is very harmful.

Your situation does not concern only to a breath orb. This emotional problem needs the help of the professional psychologist. However if you want to try to solve at first its characteristic forces I tender the following.

Next time, after the alternate fit of anger, try to be abirritated and consider, as its aftereffects will affect your daughter. Before sending the daughter in sand bed, ask it about the help. Tell to it that because of your anger it became difficult to you to breathe, and ask it to help to make to you some breathing exercises. Let she will experience, as it is necessary to you. Bring your book or a video cassette and fulfil some the maiden exercises from "breath Art". When you will breathe a deep abdominal respiration, help each other and watch of a diverticulum and belly retraction. Suppose palms each other on a belly, a back and sheer plans and share the impressions about that, it is how much good at you it is gained. Be in earnest about it, it is not necessary to transmute it into a play. It is a remarkable method to relax and warm up each other, and also to start to breathe deeply.

Be not surprised, if, using technicians of deep breath, you learn even to check and disperse the anger which one troubles you.

Without dependence from, a leah you solve self-contained to cope with a situation or will resort to services of the psychotherapist, instruction to more effective breath becomes the relevant part of process of a recovery.

24. My daughter has lost audition in biennial age as a result of a meningitis. Now to it eight years, and she attends purpose-built school for children with a hearing disorder. A leah I can help to learn it to talk?

We instinctively learn to talk, imitating that we hear, without investigating into the difficult process of pronouncing of sounds and how naturally we manage to talk.

For people with a hearing disorder instruction to pronouncing of words becomes exceptional labour-intensive process which one demands outstanding perseverence, will power and ingenuity. When the sound is said, overseeing by resulting effect by means of audition should be exchanged attention to other aspects, such, as muscular feels, chatterings and other implications.

In the bottom the human voice resembles a wind instrument and depends on expired air which one is dropped through vocal chords and derives a sound. Therefore instruction to the applicable skills of breath to a great extent boosts and contributes in acquisition of an effective voice — speech and singing. For people with a hearing disorder acquisition of skill of the control and effective keying with breath is the most relevant step in informal conversation instruction.

I guess that your daughter gains the correct operating instructions on breath which one will help it to learn to talk at school. You too can help it if be trained to breathe in appropriate way. At any time, specially when you hold down it in a lap, she watches and feels, how you breathe.

If at you a shallow breathing it osoznanno or neosoznanno will imitate your method of breath. The bad habits in breath — it the latest thing, which one is necessary to it on its difficult trajectory to instruction to how to shape vocal sounds without contortion. If you are trained in breath art, you become more sensitive to its needs. Your capability to transmit it the skills, without doubts, will influence its success.

25. I work as the dentist specialising on hygienics. To me said that my occupation allocates to pains in a neck and shoulders. Five years ago I did not believe it, but now I have felt it on myself. I would like to hope that I can easy this so-called occupational disease or even to be saved of it. What will you advise me?

Really, the position in which one you should work many hours per day, is unnatural. Such declination forward together with constant latching of your arms on weight is a hard case, physical accessible not to everyone. Such unnatural standing demands, that you permanently drew out and incurvated a neck and even a trunk top hamper, and it leads to a rachiocampsis.

When you hoist arms and check driving of the setpins, all this strain is mirrored in your shoulders. The strain of shoulders transfers to a neck, the upper department of a vertebrae and is spread further to the stacks.

This oblique position renders the significant effect and on your breath. In your situation you cannot rely on the instincts to breathe correctly. You need application of engineering of a deep abdominal respiration to strenghten your Center and to create steady centre of your skew field.

Your working position forces you to breathe superficially. Permanently hoisted arms lead to that muscles of an orifice and the heel of lungs are tightened hill up and hinder you to breathe deeply. You should develop accurately expressed skill of the control of the breath, involving in this process the heel of a belly, a back and sheer plans. Special attention give to exercises of the Fourth Lesson.

Instruction to a deep abdominal respiration will help you to instal with a Center a datum point for your posture. Recall tree roots. Tree deeply originating in land ensures a support and yields force to shaft, branches and even leaves. Pression which one renders a wind on a branch, is transmitted downwards on shaft to the deepest roots.

The human skew field too needs such rootage to sink stresses downwards in a Center and to dilute them there, and return to gain forces. Having a central point of bearing in a Center, you can introduce from it all parts of a skew field instead of aimlessly wandering in search of a support, to yield to stresses and to feel a pain. Breathe a Center. Gain forces from a Center and perform co-ordination of movements from a Center.

The fancy "a breathing tree" will help you to relax a muscular strain which one originates at an inconvenient working position.


Breathing tree

Introduce that your skew field is the tree lonely growing in wilderness. This major tree with major shaft, flock of branches and the fragrant leaves, reaching for the root and spreading round itself wonderful flavour. Firmly instal legs apart 5-10 sm on land, as though to land. Slightly incurvate knees.

Suppose palms on the heel of a belly and watch of the breath. Gather in a belly during an expiration and evaginate it with an inspiration.

Iterate it some times. Then relax arms that they were freely sinked. Prolong to breathe a belly.

Introduce that has flown a breeze, all your leaves have trembled, and branches were slightly downloaded. Experience, as all knuckles were relaxed, relax all parts of a skew field and be propelled together with a breeze. Let your arms rock freely and gyrated. Let your arms, palms and setpins are easily swung like leaves and willow branches.

Now the wind is boosted, and branches start to rock more aloud. The wind swings a spire (your head) in all directions — forward, back, in the sides and even on a cycle, — as to you suggests imagination. Let the neck and arms follow these motions. Include in motions your vertebrae — at first a top hamper, and be then sinked downwards to-most coccyx. Now fancy that the tree has flexible shaft, as if a twig which one is bent under the influence of a wind. Introduce that your coccyx has prolongation in the form of a tailing. Swing coccyx and make any swishes, following the imagination. Allow your hips, to knees and malleoluses to be relaxed and join your swung motions.

Track breathing a belly. Gather in a belly on an expiration and evaginate it on an inspiration. You can even introduce that the tree breathes all pores. It very much "is is relevant. If you do not breathe this method remain without support of a Center and, as consequence of it, lose constant generation and circulation of Tsi on a skew field and cannot use all advantages of this fancy.

At first work with this fashion within a minute to look, as the skew field responds on it. You can enlarge duration, soglasujas with your needs and physical hardiness.

26 I work as the school teacher. Every day I should speak a loud voice in many cls, and my voice promptly starts to break. What breathing exercises you will advise me?

To me asked this problem many times. Any person with an insufficient breathing support interferes with sooner or later with this problem. The strained voice represents often a problem for those people who should be converted to a considerable quantity of investigators, — for teachers or lawyers. More often this problem rises before those who settles presentations on various caucuss.

Air which one we inhale, arrives in lungs, and the orifice is a muscle maintaining lungs. Ability to control an orifice and to check an air flow which one inflows in our lungs and escapes from them with the necessary speed and force, it is termed as a breathing support. This art can learn.

The deep abdominal respiration not only delivers in lungs of oxygens, but also induces a Center to production of the interior energy known as Tsi. This internal vital energy yields us health and increases our performance in any case, including in voice training.

Think of vocal chords as about a wind instrument. You need to control an air flow which one transits through vocal chords and causes them to chatter and make particular sounds — high or low, loud or silent. Our mind leans against audition and precisely knows, we want to produce what sounds. And, if our orifice not in a state to check an air flow, larynx and tongue muscles are strained, trying to help it and as a result vocal chords too are strained.

In this case, even if you also achieve desirable sounding, vocal chords are forced to chatter, being in a nonmotile standing. To vocal chords injury is done, and the voice starts to break. In a hard case on vocal chords sites and then the surgical intervention is required can be organised. Other warning that to your vocal chords the necessary assistance, is frequent prochishchenie throats.

Speaking briefly, breath is a voice, breath is life.

To acquire a breathing support, you need to learn to use the orifice. To make it it is effective, it is necessary to cultivate a deep abdominal respiration, fulfilling at least exercises of the maiden lesson. Most likely, after that you will have an incentive for further development of your breathing skills. More penetrating to investigate into it, be converted to the answer to a problem 12.

27. To me have told that I look inexpressively and stretched on our working caucuss. I tried to use some motions of a skew field and gestures during speech pronouncing, but my skew field simply does not obey me. It seems to me that if I will stir at least one muscle I will fall. A leah can concern this problem breath?

Yes, most likely, your state depends on a method which one you breathe. It seems to me that the parent of all fatalities is the shallow breathing.

People who breathe superficially, tends to compensate it by winching of shoulders on purpose to incorporate missing air. The habit to hoist arms leads to a strain of shoulder and cervical muscles, and also enslaves a vertebrae owing to what all motions become sharp and unnatural.

Besides, at a shallow breathing it is heavy to centre a skew field and to perform co-ordination of parts of a skew field. To give the senses by means of movements, you need to be in contact to a Center and its energy. People who breathe superficially, are chopped from the radiant of dynamic energy more often.

Evolution deep abdominal breath not only will slacken a skew field strain, but will help you to take a following step. The constant extension and belly squeezing generates power Tsi. Developing realisation of existence of a Center and boosting a Center at each breath, you continuously cultivate your internal Center. It will introduce your mental and physical activity.

Next time, when you will settle presentation, introduce that you inhale air in a belly lower part, and exhale it through toes. I am assured that you will discover that steels ustojchivee and are capable to express now your thoughts.

Except practice of breathing exercises from the maiden lessons, I would advise you to fulfil also Practical Exercise 3 and Practical Exercise 9. They will help you to perfect further both speech skills, and skew field tongue.

28 Throughout many years I worked as the seller and for days on end stood near a counter with cosmetic means. Gradually I had a squeezing feel in all thorax. Than I was engaged, this feel remains and even becomes stronger. I cannot even breathe normally. I permanently feel that I do not have no air. What I need to make?

At all times men and women submitted to mode demands in spite of the fact that it could cause some disadvantages and even to harm at the excessive use. Remember times when was fashionable to fasten down a waist or to have small foots? In your event wearing of fitting tightly clothing and duty lasting many hours at a counter — almost as on the shield — could transmute your flexible skew field into the nonmotile statue.

I perfectly perceive you, because once had similar experience.

A little tens years ago when I was the student of college, for the period of christmas-tide I have got a job in rack on part-time. Dressed from a spinule, I stood near a jeweller counter. Shoes on studs and fitting dresses, specially hard in a waist were at that time fashionable.

I did not have an experience, I was nervous, and it made my operation even more exhausting. Then I could not perceive, why operation has influenced my singing. I felt that my breath became constrained, and has worked hard to cope with feel of pression in a thorax. The mode has convinced us that everything that is below a waist — a belly and breeches, — should be hidden at any cost. And the trunk heel in which one vitals are allocated, became nonmotile and rigid. We have lost our natural ability to breathe a belly, and instead have acquired all types of problems, including dorsodynias, constraint in chests and a shallow breathing.

This simple exercise will help you to diminish discomfort. You can fulfil it standing, sitting or lying.


Strain in a skew field

1. Suppose the left palm on the left part of a thorax, and right — on a right part.

2. Mass both sides of a thorax rotations — be propelled clockwise on a right side and counter-clockwise — on left. Let arms too are gyrated not to accumulate a strain. Extension and contusion helps to relax muscles in this field. Make 10-15 rotations, easying a strain in muscles and relaxing ribs.

3. Modified a direction of rotations — counter-clockwise on a right side and on hourly — on left. Make till 10-15 movements. Arms should move to clock period to motions.

4. Abandon palms there where they are, and displace attention to the belly heel. Mentally watch of how you evaginate a belly on an inspiration and retract it on an expiration. You will start to feel warm energy of Tsi which one leaks from your palms and penetrates into a thorax, cushioning and dispersing offensive feels.

5. Listen attentively to this feel and freely sink arms on the sides. Gradually dilate this warm — or pulsing — feel downwards to a belly and hill up to shoulders and a neck.

6. When all your trunk will gradually be warmed up, make some rotary movements by a head and shoulders and all trunk to slacken a strain in a vertebrae.

In relaxing of muscles of a thorax Lessons 1 and 4 can render the major help. I advise to you also to pay special attention on exercise 2Г and exercise 4Б. I recommend to master lessons from this book by turns, in process of ascending of numbers to achieve maximum steady effects.

29. I work as the therapist, the specialist on massage. My best girlfriend too works as the nurse and practices therapeutic tangencies. Our operation samples at us an energy large quantity. A leah will raise our hardiness if we perfect the breath?

People who work with a skew field as you and your girlfriend, are divided by a considerable quantity of energy of Tsi with the patients in a burn-time. Usually at patients it is locked or the energy flow or primely not enough energy of Tsi is not balanced.

Disturbance, stress, strain and other nuisances are mirrored in our skew field in the form of mute objects. For want of something better I have termed words as their sites.

The healthy neonatal child can be compared to a paper blank leaf. But if, for example, pregnant mother accepts tablets, has endured casualty or an emotional trauma in a skew field of the child invisible sites can be formed. And sometime then they will be displayed in the form of mental or physical requirements with which one it is necessary to be considered.

For a life all of us we have stresses, we are traumatised and we tolerate deprivations. And all these experiences will be organised by invisible sites.

Many adult people can tell that they cope with any emotional and physical crises and abandon them in the past. But sites can still remain in them and create mental and physical complications in the future. Sites of any form lock an energy flow of Tsi and can cause the pains, offensive feels and illnesses.

Vital energy of Tsi on which one the flock ancient east tselitelskih an expert is grounded, has influencing on our circulation, on each our cell and on vitality. Special deep breath permanently renews our energy of Tsi and can direct it on clearing of the blocks created by sites.

As you work with a human skew field and thus osoznanno control energy, reallocate it and even revive, you should be assured, as in a state permanently maintain the level of Tsi. When level of your energy impinges, negative influencing of the patient can break through your protection, and sometime you will face the same physical problems with which one the patient has come to you. The people practicing the Chi kung, give particular attention to to advocate themselves and be able help another further.

The deep abdominal respiration boosts a Center and Tsi generates power. Ability deeply will give the chance to breathe to you effectively to meditate and will allow to control flow of Tsi. In a burn-time, even when you do not enlist direct contact to the patient during massage or therapeutic tangencies, you should direct with an expiration a mental healing message to a proper place.

Retain the attention to a Center, let not completely, but it is constant. I do not advise to you to heal others when you are exhausted.

Once in New York I tracked with the friend whom Chi kung using for a recovery massage and acupuncture went on reception to the known foreman. Its method with — ‘ stood in radiating of energy of Tsi from palms and a transfer of energy through needles for magnification of healing effect. But throughout several last months it did not have a reception, and my friend has asked why. The foreman was divided with us the unsuccessful experience. One patient who has converted to him for the first time, has complained of a scelalgia which one originates without any visible physical parents. The session with this person was expanded on all the day, and the foreman was tired. Level of its energy was reduced, because it inattentively concerned to itself(himself) in a burn-time. Next day it has felt the same scelalgia, as at the patient. At it some months have left on being saved of this negative influencing.

Effective breath is one of the most relevant requirements for the realised involvement in the course of a recovery of other person.

30. My working time schedule is jam-packed, and every day on me nuisances one for another lean. Recently I have noted that almost every minute I hold the breath, and was very much disturbed. I have been very surprised and frightened. What with me happens? Why my breath is shut down and what I can make with it?

You can strongly be frightened, having discovered that you do not breathe, even if breath is shut down for a short while. It can be shock because people always think of breath as about self-acting process. We have got used to breathe simply. But when your mind is occupied by intense considering of any solution, your natural jerks are muffled also breath becomes superficial and hardly notable.

The feel of temporary loss of breath can originate also when your lungs are slackened by a grippe. You lie in a bed, feel dickey, and suddenly it seems to you that your lungs are failed to work. It happens when you are not assured that can make a following inspiration.

When to you it will again be demonstrated that your breath disappears, you can restart it, simply having said a loud voice some words. You can launch to somebody the short note or simply tell something aloud. If you are in loneliness, you can speak simply "are not present, no, no, are not present", yet will not expend all store of air. In this case the Nature will take care of that your following inspiration was major and deep. After that make some more deep inspirations and expirations. Was possiblly, you will experience that on your person there was a blush or that your skew field has trembled with inflow of new forces. Your breath will help you to be in good shape.

If you know any lovely song, can sing it. It will be as though the cheerful message to itself. You can sing any song which one will occur to you. It is enough to sing one couplet, but you can want to sing still. Singing has therapeutic effect. It is method to clear your skew field and mind by means of the realised breath. Learn to maintain deep breath, fulfilling exercises from the second part of this book.

Yes, breath for us is a customary thing, but after all would be reasonable to learn this process and to learn, how it is necessary to work, if there were any complications. Will study breath art and then each inspiration will be charged for you by new sense. Having seized new habits of breath, you will always know that the most relevant function of your skew field is under the control. If you are in contact to the breath, you, most likely, will cease to test consensual breath holdings. But if it happens again you will enough have knowledge that something to undertake.

31. All life I worked much and could not select a time for physical exercises. Recently I have retired and have solved to start to care of the health, doing some exercises. But contrary to my waitings, any exercise of that I have tried, have not brought desirable effect. After several maiden minutes it becomes always difficult to me to breathe. I start to feel that my lungs are more narrow and so are filled to a limit and in them there is no place where would enter a little more air. A leah will help me learning of art of breath?

Being trained in breath art, you can gain enough of oxygen and learn to regulate the breath. That happens to you, is an effect of many years of a running to the irregular habits of breath. Reaching of peaks of art of breath will not be too difficult for you if you aim at it the mind and will advance step by step on the trajectory.

If to be more exact your nuisances are a consequence of a shallow breathing. Right now you, most likely, use only a top hamper of your lungs. This addiction of breath originates that your orifice works abnormally: on an inspiration it rises instead of being sinked and take in a larger amount of air in your lungs.

If you have solved to learn to breathe deeply — begin with following simple exercise. It would be good to fulfil also it before an initiation of your physical exercises.


Shortage of breath

1. Become endways, sink arms freely on the sides.

2. Make an expiration, hoisting arms hill up through the sides to level of shoulders, but without incurvating them.

3. Make an inspiration, sinking arms in an at-rest position. (These simple motions in points 1-3 will help to prevent an undesirable trend to winching of shoulders during an inspiration. Having fulfilled these motions some times, focus your attention to retraction of a belly during an expiration and its diverticulum during an inspiration. When you will achieve it, transfer to point 4 and prolong exercise.)

4. Once again make an expiration, hoisting arms to level of shoulders.

5. Make an inspiration, hoisting arms hill up. Try to be pulled as it is possible above and direct the inspiration more penetrating to a belly.

6. With an expiration sink arms in an at-rest position and gather in a belly. Deeply inhale.

7. Fulfil points 4-6 some times to instal deep breath.

Practice of the exercises stated in this book, will lead you to correcting of your errors of breath accumulated for a life. You can apply these simple breathing techniques in an everyday life. Breath art will ensure to you a support and will help to achieve successes in any kind of exercises — in aerobics, driving the velocipede, tennis, a bloomer, floating and others.

32. I like sport. I run a jog, I play tennis, and recently have mastered a bloomer. When the capability is given, I also am engaged in floating and I skate. Despite it, not so long ago I have appeared in a situation when has experienced that I choke. I have transited physical examination and was convinced that with me that’s OK. My friend has told to me that if I will develop the breath I can refine the sports effects and enhance the energy level. How to me to approach to the solution of this task?

The feel of shortage of breath is a shallow breathing sign. You use only a top hamper of your lungs. At accomplishment of physical exercises the load is even more enlarged by a top hamper of lungs. The heel which one remains dwarfish, not in a state to undertake on a load part, and lungs cannot work at full capacity.

If you develop capability to manipulate belly and orifice muscles learn to breathe a deep abdominal respiration. The spreading of bellies on an inspiration and its squeezing on an expiration causes to be sinked an orifice and contributes in arrival of air in the heel of lungs.

When you breathe deeply, you are much better adjusted for any activity — from the most intense to the most insignificant. Your natural instincts originate "major" deep breath, responding to vigorous activity, or "small" deep breath for keeping up of the quiet relaxed activities.

When we make deep inspirations and expirations, simultaneously there are two things: lungs gain oxygen much and the carbon dioxide and an abdominal cavity select extends and shrinks, creating an internal energy which one Chineses term Tsi. Thus, each time when you evaginate a belly on an inspiration and retract it on an expiration, you boost a Center which one is at abdominal cavity centre, and energy of Tsi starts to be worked out.

If osoznanno to direct energy of Tsi it contributes in improving of health and accelerates recuperation. If mentally to direct this energy on the exterior purposes it works as a speed key of a steer, an accelerator and the brake. TSi refines co-ordination which one is one of principal demands in sports activity. Only one inhaled air still has helped to achieve to nobody amazing effects. TSi should accompany any successful performance.

The deep abdominal respiration not only boosts a Center, but also creates in us "centre of gravity" — a reference point from which one co-ordination our physical and cerebration is performed.

All perfectly delivered motions start with this centre and are boosted by means of energy of Tsi directed on reaching of the best effects.

Mastering by engineering of deep breath will demand discipline and practice, specially first. Fulfilling lessons from this book in process of ascending of their complication, you can accelerate this process and gain from it pleasure. You learn to breathe, using all lung volume many to gain oxygen and to work out enough energy of Tsi, to maintain yourself in the good form and to ensure good balancing. You with ease can achieve successes in any physical and cerebration in which one you are engaged.

33. A leah it is possible to abirritate a contagious excitation by means of the applicable breath? I ask it because always when I fall in a traffic jam, I start to be galled, and then I feel as though any lump in a chest. Earlier it happened, only when I delayed, but now this feel occurs, it is necessary to me to get in cork at any time. It seems to me that such response can become once the heart attack parent. If I develop the method of breath, a leah will help me to cope it with this offensive feel?

When we have stress or pression, we tend to strain an orifice, as causes this squeezing feel. When the orifice contracts, it becomes rigid, and breath — to superficial. In the jam we are locked in the machine and we have no place to get to. We compress arms a steer, and our trouble is enlarged with each minute. "Now I precisely will not be in time on this occurring", — you speak through set teeth. So, what we make in such situation? We strain muscles. All skew field is transmuted into a lump, and the chest becomes its centre.

To you some breathing skills are definitely demanded to remove a stress and to disperse a lump in a chest. Being in a traffic jam, you cannot quit and walk. I advise to you to experiment with a fancy "stress relief". During its accomplishment remain are vigilant and pay attention of a situation to road.


Stress relief

Sit, slightly having bent forward so that between seat-back and your back there was some room.

Jar a skew field here and there, since shoulders and ending the heel. Let your trunk, specially a belly, will be shaken, like a jelly chunk. Make it some secs, relaxing knuckles and muscles.

Evaginate and gather in a belly some times to malaxate muscles in this field.

Oslabte a grasp of arms on a steer, but prolong to track road.

Gather in a belly and exhale all air, and then inhale, evaginating a belly. Let your belly works as a balloon which one is inflated by air and is blown off without it. Make so some times.

Be relaxed and tolerate attention to constraining feel in a chest. Introduce that it is a portion of your favourite ice-cream.

When you exhale, gathering in a belly, and inhale, evaginating it, introduce that the flow of warm air fans ice-cream and it melts.

Let the thawed ice-cream will flow down downwards, in centre of your belly and will be imbibed there. Jar a skew field and relax a vertebrae to help an air flow.

In some minutes of accomplishment of this fancy you feel more relaxed. The lump in a chest will thaw, and you feel in high spirits. You can even start to sing the favourite tune quietly. You can discover that began to sing better after have used the recently acquired, simple ability deeply to breathe.

34. Many times I felt need for sanitation of lungs, specially after long sitting in a traffic jam and aspirations of exhaust fume.

It is really perfect idea — sometime to clean each L-steel of your lungs. It is possible to make it not only after polluted air aspiration; each event when you feel tired and harassed, is a right moment to renew the lungs. Before fulfilling Target Exercise, familiarise with pictures and open vowel sounds corresponding to them.

The pronunciation of any speed key of vowels or consonants absolutely in own way influences miscellaneous parts of our skew field, specially on lungs. To say any sound, the particular speed key of muscular and excitatory efforts is required. In details to understand this process, it is necessary to write one more book. But now allow me to tender following exercise.

Was very relevant that you did not overstrain yourselves with this exercise. You can be shut down in any place and prolong after a time-out on rest.


Refinement of lungs

1. Sit or lay down on a back and was friend allocate arms on the sides.

2. Say pases-those-pases es… With a short inspiration before each sound and a sharp expiration at sound pronouncing. "Vystrelivajte" each sound by means of retraction of the heel of a belly. Between sounds take a prompt inspiration, evaginating a belly. Follow such formation sample: a pas (inspiration) — those (inspiration) — a pas (inspiration) — those (inspiration). On each inspiration dilate the belly. This process is very simple. We will term these two staccatos of a syllable as manoeuvre. The previous succession represents two manoeuvres, connected together.

Practice with manoeuvre, having iterated it some times.

3. Make the long inspiration, and then say manoeuvre, and after it — ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta. Hog an abdominal wall inside, and with each syllable that is outside, without making any inspiration. Say this syllable of 10 15 times while all air will not be expended. We will term this serial of sounds "vystrelivaniem as a vowel"and". During a pronunciation of manoeuvre (pas) and subsequent vystrelivanija a vowel"and"(that-that…) visualise a section demonstrated on fig. 87. Be checked with the directions for to a pronunciation appended to a picture 87. Rest some secs, breathe freely. When you prolong, be checked with indicatings near each picture. To attach sounding of vowel sounds explosive character, add to them a consonant"t".

4. Make an inspiration, and then say manoeuvre and vystrelivanie a vowel "e" (those-those ows…). Thus visualise a section demonstrated on fig. 88. On this step you will mark repetition e.

5. Make an inspiration, and then say succession of sounds from a vowel "and" (ti-ti). Thus visualise a section demonstrated on fig. 89.

6. Make an inspiration, and then say succession of sounds from a vowel "about" that). Thus visualise a section demonstrated on fig. 90.

7. Make an inspiration, and then say succession of sounds from a vowel "at", visualising fig. 91.

8. Make an inspiration, and then say succession of sounds from a vowel "hju", visualising fig. 92.

9. Make an inspiration, and then say succession of sounds from a vowel "hyo", visualising fig. 93.

10. Breathe deeply and be relaxed! Suppose palms on a belly and watch of energy oscillations. If after the maiden minutes of observation you want to displace palms on other place, make it.

Allow your instincts to point to you, what place needs that your palms have brought to it alleviating and mollification.

It is good, if at you the time for rest after that exercises is. This exercise will help you to fall asleep in the evening or again to sink into a sleep after you have woken up at night. Experiment with it.

35. Many long years I suffered affliction because that could not fall asleep in the evening. I have tried miscellaneous methods — even considered lambs, — but helped nothing. If at me for the morning the relevant occurring is assigned, I accept soporific or tranquilizers, but I make it with a reluctance. I heard that betterment of my breathing engineering will solve this problem. A leah is any chances of it?

One of the principal parents of a sleeplessness is the strain — mental or physical. One more parent is restless mind which one does not want to be cut off. More weighty parent — a physical pain or discomfort.

Breath art yields you capability much to ensure itself with oxygen, to generate power Tsi and podpityvat mental and physical centre. All it will help to cope with a sleeplessness.

Irregular breath in itself can minister a noise to a sleep. It can stress, if you do not own capability with ease to inhale and exhale air enough. If you, lying in a bed, hoist with an inspiration arms you have not enough chances to be relaxed. If you retract in yourselves air, but cannot give it the necessary room in lungs you restrict the inspiration. It is impossible to cause to extend lungs without the aid of an orifice and belly muscles.

During rest we do not need very deep breath. In this case light deep breath more will approach. Suppose palms on the heel of a belly and slightly evaginate a belly on an inspiration and retract on an expiration. When you make this, your breath is aligned and becomes natural, effective and relaxing. If you want to sleep as the baby, learn to breathe at first as the baby — and it means to breathe a belly.

When you breathe a belly, evaginating and retracting it, vitals which one are in this field, gain a light massage, and neosoznanno the stored strain starts to decay.

Such motions of a belly boost dantjan, Center "cradle", and starts to be worked out energy of Tsi. TSi is an internal vital energy (bioelectricity) on which one the Chinese hospital experts and martial arts are grounded. There are various categories of these ancient disciplines. In a Chi kung, often termed "meditation the Chi kung", the energy flow is checked by thought and directed to a proper place. The thought controls energy of Tsi, unbidden thoughts retreat, and you fail in a sleep.

Fulfil Practical Exercise 10. Sometimes you can suppose simply palms on a belly and experience, as warm energy penetrates inside and relaxs you.

When you will have complications to fall asleep, you also can try a fancy "travelling of three hairlines".


Travelling of three hairlines

Before to initiate with this exercise, you should learn to breathe a belly, or it will not operate. In runtime of exercise you can note that your breath switches to slower tempo or even stops. It is natural method to abirritate breath that renditions were gained by more accurate. You can fall asleep till the end of travelling, and in it will not be no trouble. If then you wake up in the middle of night, you can prolong travelling from that place where you were shut down. Or to sidetrack it on then and to begin after a while from the very beginning.

Be ready to unusual, surprising feels. Beneficent chain reactions can happen in the places of the skew field which have been not connected directly. Once at night when I mentally travelled downwards on the legs, at me the nose was unexpectedly cleaned. Before I at all did not realise that it at me has been a little pledged.

You can practice this fancy at any time and in any standing — standing, sitting or lying — as relaxing and healing exercise. It is wonderful method to be acquainted with the skew field from inside and to learn to direct Tsi thought. I have discovered that it is better than others helps me to be relaxed and fall asleep.

When you were tired and the time in sand bed has come to lay down, this exercise will work on you a magic fashion. It can be demonstrated dullish, but it very simple and you store it at once.

Lay down in a bed and introduce three hairlines which one radiate from a vertex. Laminate the maiden hairline in two, straighten it symmetrically on the sides and mentally slip downwards on a head. When you will reach points over ears, stop off on two slow bills. (Each blowing-down will last two slow bills.) prolong to move downwards on the sides of a neck to a place where the neck transfers in shoulders (blowing-down).

Advance to shoulder joints (blowing-down), then downwards to elbows (blowing-down), to wrists (blowing-down) and to finger tips (blowing-down).

Return again to a vertex and lead the second hairline downwards, through centre of the person (stop off at a point between brows), an end of a nose (blowing-down), the midpoint of labiums (blowing-down), an end of a chin (blowing-down), and reach a cavity in the base necks (blowing-down). Prolong centimetre behind centimetre to be tapped off downwards, mentally introducing that you blow soap bubbles and consider them on each blowing-down.

Carefully blow one soap bubble on each blowing-down while you mentally travel downwards on a middle line to a pubic bone. Here part a hairline on two parts and each part symmetrically lead to the base of hips (blowing-down), to knees (blowing-down), to malleoluses (blowing-down) and to toes (blowing-down).

Again return to a vertex and take the extremity of the third hairline. Lead it downwards on a head flank surface. Stop off in the middle of a head, then be propelled through a nucha to the rear necks (blowing-down) and downwards on a vertebrae, being shut down through each 2-3 centimetres. Having reached coccyx, stop off, part a hairline on two parts and symmetrically lead them downwards through heels to centre of stacks. Be delayed a little in central points on stops, then be propelled further to the base of toes, being shut down on each setpin. Watching of toes, add in your mental picture a vertex and a Center. Now all your skew field is sated by energy of Tsi. Remain quiet and relaxed.

Breathe easily and deeply as though you breathe all pores of your skew field.

Now tolerate attention to a Center and mass there energy of Tsi. Be relaxed.

36. My mother whom now 70 years, has fallen and has broken a hip. Some weeks it lay in hospital, and now recover at home. A leah it is necessary to devote it in art of breath or is better to leave her alone and let it fulfils the supposed physical exercises three times a week?

Seventy years is an age in which one the majority of people can quite seize force of Tsi.

More recently one known Chinese doctor specialising on a phytotherapy, has advised me not to overstrain with breathing exercises of people is higher 88-90 years because not all feel equally well in such age. Its principle consists in the following: when the person attains certain age, it is necessary to allow for Tsi to decay and select characteristic course without additional exterior stimulants, such, as bracing grassy beverages and an acupuncture.

At our skew field always there is a certain amount of Tsi gained till a birth (in a prenatal continuance) that we could assimilate the energy arriving from the outside effectively. As a rule, prenatal Tsi of the elderly person already appreciably is dissipated. The matter is that at rather elderly people untimely stimulation of Tsi from the outside can be tampered in a natural flow which one plays a crucial role a serotinal phase of our life. TSi which one is worked out with the help the Chi kung, tajtszi, yoga and many other disciplines, is useful in any age as it is not considered unnatural, gained from the outside.

Many people consider that the best method to cope with illness is to skip it or to sham that that’s OK. I am deeply convinced of the inverse: the sick person should make all possible efforts to be acquainted with the illness and to accept a fate "in the course of a recovery. At the strong steady pains there can be indispensable an application soothing.

However it destroys and spends Tsi who is the most valuable natural gift. Or the pain can be stronger than us, or we can be stronger than it is if we have a weapon. In most cases we have a select. For a self-trust and availability appropriation will advocate itself the wisest to contain our weapon hot. Be assured that you breathe effectively how you breathed at a birth, that method which one is intended you.

On the place of your mother not familiar with healing aspect of Tsi, I would be extremely grateful to you if you have unclosed to me a new method of care of the health and ancient wisdom of a recovery.

The centimetre behind centimetre to be tapped off downwards, mentally introducing that you blow soap bubbles and consider them on each blowing-down. Carefully blow one soap bubble on each blowing-down while you mentally travel downwards on a middle line to a pubic bone. Here part a hairline on two parts and each part symmetrically lead to the base of hips (blowing-down), to knees (blowing-down), to malleoluses (blowing-down) and to toes (blowing-down).

Again return to a vertex and take the extremity of the third hairline. Lead it downwards on a head flank surface. Stop off in the middle of a head, then be propelled through a nucha to the rear necks (blowing-down) and downwards on a vertebrae, being shut down through each 2-3 centimetres. Having reached coccyx, stop off, part a hairline on two parts and symmetrically lead them downwards through heels to centre of stacks. Be delayed a little in central points on stops, then be propelled further to the base of toes, being shut down on each setpin. Watching of toes, add in your mental picture a vertex and a Center. Now all your skew field is sated by energy of Tsi. Remain quiet and relaxed. Breathe easily and deeply as though you breathe all pores of your skew field.

Now tolerate attention to a Center and mass there energy of Tsi. Be relaxed.

36. My mother whom now 70 years, has fallen and has broken a hip. Some weeks it lay in hospital, and now recover at home. A leah it is necessary to devote it in art of breath or is better to leave her alone and let it fulfils the supposed physical exercises three times a week?

Seventy years is an age in which one the majority of people can quite seize force of Tsi.

More recently one known Chinese doctor specialising on a phytotherapy, has advised me not to overstrain with breathing exercises of people is higher 88-90 years because not all feel equally well in such age. Its principle consists in the following: when the person attains certain age, it is necessary to allow for Tsi to decay and select characteristic course without additional exterior stimulants, such, as bracing grassy beverages and an acupuncture.

At our skew field always there is a certain amount of Tsi gained till a birth (in a prenatal continuance) that we could assimilate the energy arriving from the outside effectively. As a rule, prenatal Tsi of the elderly person already appreciably is dissipated. The matter is that at rather elderly people untimely stimulation of Tsi from the outside can be tampered in a natural flow which one plays a crucial role a serotinal phase of our life. TSi which one is worked out with the help the Chi kung, tajtszi, yoga and many other disciplines, is useful in any age as it is not considered unnatural, gained from the outside.

Many people consider that the best method to cope with illness is to skip it or to sham that that’s OK. I am deeply convinced of the inverse: the sick person should make all possible efforts to be acquainted with the illness and to accept a fate "in the course of a recovery. At the strong steady pains there can be indispensable an application soothing.

However it destroys and spends Tsi who is the most valuable natural gift. Or the pain can be stronger than us, or we can be stronger than it is if we have a weapon. In most cases we have a select. For a self-trust and availability appropriation will advocate itself the wisest to contain our weapon hot. Be assured that you breathe effectively how you breathed at a birth, that method which one is intended you.

On the place of your mother not familiar with healing aspect of Tsi, I would be extremely grateful to you if you have unclosed to me a new method of care of the health and ancient wisdom of a recovery.

37. I use often spirits in the end of the working day to cheer myself up. Matter is not that I enjoy a pleasant odour. Spirits as if resuscitate me. What actual reason of it?

The pleasant odour radiating from nutriment or perfumery, always causes us to sigh deeply one or some times. We instinctively make some major deep inspirations and expirations and simultaneously we take pleasure.

Your spirits induce you to take deeper inspiration, you gain more oxygens, and each your section revives. Perfect odour ensures to you emotional rise, specially if all round you looks boring and grey.

When you want to derive next time maximum benefit from olfaction, introduce that you inhale odour apart.


Has begun to smell apart

Focus your view on any distant subject. Introduce, for example, that you inhale odour of bloomers in a garden of your neighbour or odour from a spire on the distant hill. The further such object is, the more penetrating you will inhale to experience its odour. Introduce that this odour as if is attracted by a magnet to a Center of your belly and starts up there roots. This fancy will enhance in you level as oxygens, and Tsi.

Development of a deep abdominal respiration will help you to gain major favour of an aromatherapy — a method in which one odours for a stress coping and making of the necessary mood are used.

38. A leah can exchange exercises from "breath Art" those physical exercises by which one I now make?

Exercises of this book are not intended to exchange other physical exercises. These exercises are constituted for mastering of breathing engineering which one you can apply in any other types of activity. Such engineering will teach you to derive all possible from each breath to pledge the steady foundation on which one you can build everything that want. Mastering of basic techniques of breath is similar to alphabet learning to start to talk and write. When you learn all characters can transfer to a spelling and compilation of words. And in the same way, when you will master deep breath, you will be is better prepared for any other activity.

I am assured that you can recall flock of events when various people tendered you to breathe more penetrating that at you that you make was better gained. It could be:

The coach on tennis

The coach on gymnastics

The instructor in aerobics

The coach on skiing

The associate on driving the velocipede

Your doctor

Your psychotherapist

The teacher of a vocal

The principal of an orchestra

The teacher of drama art

The teacher of yoga

The instructor in meditation

The art teacher

Your mother

Your father

This agenda can be prolonged and further.

Leah somebody from these people has converted attention to that, how much correctly you satisfy their request? A leah you at that time, what knew such deep breath?

"To make a deep inspiration" is a perfect means for overcoming of any physical and emotional difficulties. But was very relevant to be convinced that you in a state to follow to this advice.

In spite of the fact that breathing exercises cannot exchange physical activity, your sports occupations should be tracked by the correct breath. If it not so you can even do yourselves injury.

39. A leah will help to discover "breath Art" the centre and to equilibrate itself mentally and physical?

To the full! Here three primary benefits of practice of art of breath:

Capability to inhale there is enough oxygen for requirements satisfaction of an organism.

The capability to generate power Tsi and to direct it for a recovery and magnification of the force.

Capability to cultivate and feed a central point (Center) for mental and physical stability.

Yield at first we will understand with the maiden two points, and then we will transfer to third which one concerns to your problem.

Oxygen. To inhale it is more than air, the orifice on an inspiration should hog downwards — so that lungs could elongate and give a place for air. Muscles of the heel of a belly, a back and sheer plans — bottom flange muscles — should extend outside that the orifice could be sinked. As a result of the extension of these muscles short ribs flanch, and the heel of lungs is expanded as well widthway. At the correct setting of breath the heel of lungs is expanded as on altitude, and widthway, giving sufficient room for air.

TSi. Driving of muscles of a bottom flange boost a Center and force in it force. It is internal vital force which one spawns physical motions and vocal sounds. It also is that energy of Tsi on which one east hospital experts and martial arts are grounded.

Introduce that your Center is a centre of a sprocket. You are a sprocket. All spokes disperse from centre of a sprocket and therefrom scoop the force. We can develop this centre, permanently realising its existence and its role — a role of centre of a sprocket which one ensures us with energy for any physical activity and in which one we can drop an undesirable strain. To learn about it more, be converted to section "Center" on p. 31.

To become centered physical, you should realise that everything that you make, starts with a Center. In this place all your motions begin, introduced and podpity-vajutsja by energy. When all your activity will start with a Center, you will feel that all is under the control, you are stabilised and centered. We will look, for example, at how we sit. You can make it lighter and more gracefully if simply will introduce that seat on a chair your Center. Thus forget about weight of the skew field. To rise, introduce that your Center is slightly uplifted. When you are centered, you in a state completely to check the skew field and motions.

Any cerebration should be safely anchored in a Center and skilfully be controlled therefrom. For the explanation of it I always use analogy to a kite. It also explains also performance of a remote monitoring.


Remote control

To centre themselves mentally, introduce that all your thoughts are kites which one extremities of twines are in a Center. Depending on a level of evolution of your Center and its capability to control these snakes, you can launch many dragons simultaneously. Allow snakes to take off up, but retain them for the extremities of twines.

40. People say often to me that badly me hear, though I try to speak as it is possible more loudly. A leah I will learn to speak louder if I will develop the method of breath?

Undoubtedly! Some information on how it to make, you gain in the answer to the Problem 10, but I want to help to understand it even more penetrating. You need to acquire a breathing support by means of development of a deep abdominal respiration.

The voice is yielded each of us from a birth. But it not necessarily means that we know, how is correct it to use. The voice can be compared to a musical wind instrument — such, as a tube, a clarnet or a saxophone, in which one it is necessary to blow to derive a sound. It is impossible to produce a sound when air is not dropped through vocal chords. And without support of breath the voice will not have any force.

The voice represents the difficult complex consisting of all instruments. They are as though inbuilt in it. We make sounds, imitating that we hear. If the child is born with total absence of audition to achieve an effective work of its vocal instrument is extremely difficult, and sometimes and it is impossible.

We need breath not only to make sounds. Volume and quality of these sounds are spotted by bulk and flux level of breath. We can enlarge volume of a voice if we will learn to take a deep inspiration and to boost breath by energy of a Center. Focalizing a voice, we can make so that it will be audible on close or in a long distance. It is similar to a snowball dush: if it properly not to blind, it farly will not take the flight. If we learn to check effectively an orifice we can enlarge that force which one causes to sound a voice.

Having seized control and keying art by our breathing instrument — and a Center, — we can transmute an inhaled air into the strong jet carrying sounds to our investigators. It is primely surprising, as very soft pianissimo extracted by the great singer or the flutist, can reach concert hall back rows.

While in singing the emphasis is made on vowels, in informal conversation consonants are more audible. Improving of your diction by a clear pronunciation of consonants will allow another to hear better you. Consonants are "deflections" of speech. They will help you to inform your message.

For understanding of philosophy "vystrelivanija" vocal sounds by means of a deep abdominal respiration be converted to a fancy "a gun core".

41. I am very timid, specially with strangers. I always behave very silently, enduring all is deep in myself, and I consider that I do not need to communicate more. I can tell so much all! I am afraid that mine golosmo-zhet to begin to tremble, and sometimes I start even to stammer slightly and when people appeal for me something to iterate, I am primely ready to vanish into thin air. A leah will help to solve operation with breath this problem of dialogue?

If I tender you "more penetrating to breathe", it will be demonstrated by ridiculous and too simple solution of your problem, after all you heard this advice already many times. But all the same — in a root of your handicappings the shallow breathing lies.

Deep breath is effective only in the event that you know, how it correctly to make. The shallow breathing deprives of a leg your stabilising centre and causes you to feel labile — physical and emotionally. It strikes a blow on your self-trust. Mate it with a deficiency of the breathing support also caused by a shallow breathing and then it becomes clear why your voice sounds silently and shivers. And tryings to boost the a voice sometimes lead to a stammering.

Answers to many problems in this part of the book will help you to understand better a situation and to perceive its parents. Practice of some exercises from the Part 2 will help you to overcome a habit to a shallow breathing. When your Center will unstrand and will be charged with energy, your voice becomes much better also shyness gradually will escape.

42. To us with the wife the eighth ten years has gone. Past year my wife began to talk ever less, and recently almost has absolutely become silent. She says that air hardly suffices it to live, and on its talks does not remain. We were converted to doctors and therapists, and to us have told that its lungs and vocal chords are in the complete order. She needs to breathe more. A leah you can help it?

Never late to refine our breath. However, habits arduously yield to change, but all of you can equally attain the significant improving in any age. It is good to begin with that understanding how changes can help us.

Throughout many years your wife used only a top hamper of the lungs. Flock of people on ignorance breathe in such a way. They overstrain a top hamper of lungs and gradually start to feel depleted and restrained.

Introduce that you use only one arm. In this case that arm as which one you do not work, becomes weak-willed and feeble. In process of our growing of a muscle of lungs, as well as any other muscles, lose the resilience and resiliency a little. In due course we get used to that method of breath which one us lighter to perform. The top hamper of lungs used excessively becomes strained, and the heel and does not unstrand. The orifice which one does not work orderly, becomes refractory. Thus, flock of older persons interfere with with breathing problems which one affect on their voice and speech.

At effective breath the operation bulk is fulfilled by an orifice and abdominal muscles. At a shallow breathing, vice-versa, the orifice is extruded hill up as a result of abbreviation of muscles of a belly that contradicts the natural order of things.

First of all, your wife should be acquainted with operation of the muscles involved in process of breath once again. Following exercise will help it with it.


Informal conversation at advanced age

1. Suppose palms on the heel of a belly and make light, but deep massage, paying attention to feels in this field.

2. Make short inspirations and expirations, evaginating a belly on an inspiration and retracting it on an expiration. When you make it, you cause orifice muscles to move hill up and downwards, diminish a strain in a belly and resuscitate in it feels.

After such arousing of muscles which one slept before, your wife will be is better prepared and can transfer to practice of the Lesson 1 of this book. If it prolongs to be engaged, Exercises 2Б on p. 75 and 4В on p. 109 will help it to reestablish communication between breath and pronouncing of consonants.

As a result of its breath becomes more effective and it will acquire breath support at talk.

Speaking about a support, I want to resemble that it is required to your wife both your support and understanding in its control with difficulties. Render it enough attention, and it is very fast it is able easily talk and happily.

43. Recently I listened to Membranula with tracing of the voice and have been very surprised by that heard thus each breath. These sounds very strongly galled me, after all before I and did not suspect that I produce them. A leah I will begin to breathe more silently if I will start to fulfil exercises from "breath Art"?

Yes, development of a deep abdominal respiration will allow you to breathe without a strain of a larynx, nares and respiratory tracts. This strain leads to throat of respiratory tracts, and air cannot transit freely on them. Right now you fractionally compensate shortage of breath by a strain of nares and larynxes. When you take it, your inspiration is similar to a noisy and prompt drink of air.

Your inspiration appreciably depends on your expiration. When you learn to make a deep expiration be able make a deep and light inspiration. Compare this process to squeezing of an elastomeric ball: the more strongly you will squeeze it, the it is more than air there will enter.

Informal conversation and breath as are interconnected, as an inspiration and an expiration. You talk on an expiration and if you do not make before it a deep inspiration the following sentence will quit badly. And if your voice runs low in the end of a phrase the following inspiration will be superficial and will be yielded you arduously.

Experiment. Try to say a sentence, taking an inspiration before each word. Soon you will discover that labour for breath.

The good speaker, as well as the good singer, should be able to breathe effectively. It comes with practice. In due course you will discover that deep breath strenghtens muscles of your orifice. The mature orifice ensures the control over breath which one now does not suffice you. When you we will acquire such control, you can control with ease the inspirations. Your throat and nasal holes will remain relaxed during an inspiration, and air can is prompt — and is silent — to arrive in them.

And that who has similar problems, exercises from the Part 2 these books will be specially interesting to you. Fulfilling these exercises, you will gradually be saved of undesirable hums at talk.

In the answer to the Problem 26 you will discover also other information which one can help to make to you your breath inaudible.

44. Recently I have started to take lessons of ballroom dances. My instructor has told to me that I clumsy enough, and have yielded me directions for to posture improving. But, when I try to hold down a head endways, at me the back heel deflects back. If I and it too tighten, I can not breathe freely. It seems to me that my position affects on breath. A leah was possiblly it?

Yes, the standing of a skew field and breath strongly influence against each other. At the correct relaxed standing of a skew field at you it appears more rooms, capable to contain air. If you can make a deep inspiration a belly gain more energies and your sense of the equilibrium becomes aggravated. It naturally will patch your posture.



1. Become before a mirror, it is desirable such in which one you see yourselves completely. Look, how much you are endways held down.

2. Without a strain turn a head from left to right as it is possible further, and it is then inverse, and make so on three times in each direction. Upon termination of turn a head in an at-rest position.

3. Suppose palms on the heel of a belly and watch of the breath. On an expiration gather in a belly, and on an inspiration inflate it. Make three deep breath. Then sink arms on the sides and return to customary breath.

4. Hoist one arm as it is possible above, simultaneously sinking another, then exchange them. Make so 10 times.

When you conclude, return arms in a customary standing, make a time-out and rest.

5. Again suppose palms on a belly as in point 3, and watch of the breath.

6. Shake hips here and there on was possiblly to larger range, but without being strained, and it is simple slightly incurvating an inverse knee. Iterate this driving of 10 times — five to the right and five to the left. Arms should hang down freely on each side.

7. Again suppose palms on a belly as in point 3, and watch of breath.

8. Introduce that your vertebrae has prolongation in the form of the long hanging down tailing. Holding down palms on a belly, give coccyx forward and hill up, turning in "tailing" downwards, and watch of the skew field. Flap the imaginary tailing forward and back 10 times, hoisting and sinking coccyx. Make a small breather.

9. Prolong to hold down palms on a belly and watch of the breath.

10. Walk on a room, prolong deeply to breathe and easily and gracefully to wag with a tailing forward and back, and also from right to left, incurvating an inverse knee. Sing the favourite tune and dance how it is pleasant to you, feeling slackness in all knuckles and holding down a head endways, looking before itself. And awkwardness as did not happen!

Do some exercises from the Part 2, specially what help you to unbend a posture. Be converted also in a fancy "threading of beads".

45. Our principal of chorus permanently speaks to us that we made major inspirations. A leah is odds between major and deep inspirations?

Meaning of terms "major inspirations" and "small inspirations" seems obvious. But the major inspiration not necessarily contains enough of air and is not always sinked deeply. At deep breath the inspiration charges all lung volume, both upper, and their lower part. At a shallow breathing air arrives only in a top hamper of lungs, and lower thus is not used, restricting capabilities of lungs. If inspirations, major or small, are superficial all of them are equally restricted. Deep inspirations, both major, and small, are always useful. The major deep inspiration is ideal for the vigorous activity demanding charges of major efforts, for example for run or gymnastics.

Small deep inspirations approach for rest or a sleep. Various types of activity demand various types of deep breath, and we introduce these processes instinctively. Depth of breath is very relevant factor.

To make a deep inspiration, you need to sink downwards an orifice by means of the extension of muscles of a belly. Therefore terms "a deep abdominal respiration" and "a deep diaphragmal respiration" are interchangeable.

The fancy "accordion" will help you to visualise connection between lungs, a belly and an orifice.

46 I the singer also prepare to become the professional performer. To me said that at me a perfect voice, and I am convinced of it. However when I step on the stage, I start to be nervous, and it affects on my voice, and I am lost. A leah will help me to overcome learning of art of breath pavor before a scene?

To some extent the trouble and disturbance even are useful to submission. They cause adrenaline to arrive in a blood. It allows you to collect strength and appear better, than usually. But excessive nervousness can become a noise. There are some more factors which one are essentially relevant for successful protrusion of the singer. The mentioned below assaying can yield you a key to a situation of the parents of your pavor before a scene.

The singer should possess complete control over the vocal instrument, and the foundation the engineering of breath for this purpose should minister. As the singer, you perceive, about what I speak. You, probably, have already clashed that the voice needs to be trained on many indexes: breath, a resonance, layout, volume, saturation capacity, focusing, speed, forming of vowels and consonants, expression and so on. But it seems to me that I can point to you distinctive features of engineering of the breath ensuring good sounding. Without engineering of breath the singer or the singer cannot achieve that success for which one they calculated. The good engineering of breath ensures to a voice a support and is carefully converted with force of breath. The anchored breath which one can be manipulated, much better, than breath with an effort, yielding is bastard a strong voice. Breath of the singer or the singer can either help them, or minister a noise. The applicable technicians of breath and vocal will attach you to reliance and will diminish nervousness.

The singer should perceive that breath is much more, than is simple inspirations and expirations. Throughout centuries great singers and other contractors demonstrated magic ability to sate an inhaled air energy of Tsi. It is surprising that in the western crop this phenomenon has not gained a title. East crop has termed this internal energetic resonance inducing device "Ki", either "Tsi", or "prana".

The singer possessing ability to oscillate Tsi and to be hooked up to Tsi by means of a deep abdominal respiration, makes more chances of success. The engineering of breath and a vocal without Tsi is deficient.

Very many singers have used Tsi to promote. But they and have not perceived, good luck whence has come, and have not yielded it a name. But if to use this magic wand osoznanno it is possible to attain still larger skill. Tsi grown many will help to diminish a strain and nervousness.

Yield we will return a little back in our reasonings. Without Tsi the breathing support is not complete. Without a good breathing support it is impossible to check the vocal instrument completely. Without reliance that the vocal instrument is under the control, the singer cannot feel quiet, and it has a good halter to worry enough.

The singer should learn thoroughly music which one prepares to perform. The most awful thing which one can happen during protrusion, is to forget that it is necessary to make further. Practise until you will not be capable to pick up a song from any place. The maiden word of each musical phrase should be taped accurately in your mind. If you stumble on any word, the tune all the same will play further and you can get off from pace. The experimental accompanist can salvage you if you have got off, but the orchestra — is not present! If you know music insufficiently well you will be afraid of protrusion much more. One of the worst nightmares for the singer is to forget the text on the protrusion midpoint.

One people are more predisposed to pavor before a scene, others — it is less. Except the enumerated factors exist also others. With experience to you ability to prepare to protrusion gradually will come. And now the exercises tendered in this book, will help you to acquire the larger control over breath, Tsi will teach you to control and will instal self-trust. Seize breath art, and you will discover that much will be modified, when you step on a scene.

47. I played an orchestra of our university though learnt the humanities. The play on a tube gave to me huge pleasure, but I have been forced to be failed from it at first because of study, and then because of professional demands. Now, when I have settled both the career, and the home life, I have solved again to return to a play on a tube. I began to take lessons, but have discovered that breath began not to suffice me. A leah it is necessary for me to fulfil breathing exercises or I simply should practise more?

What for to select a long sinuous path when before you the wide direct road lies? You have already spotted the parent which one restricts your capability well to play. Undertake this problem professionally — practice the applicable breathing exercises.

As to you, probably, it already well-known, to blow the trumpet is does not mean primely strongly to blow in it. Thus there are the difficult processes, and most relevant of them is breath monitoring. In the same way as well as in singing and in a play on other wind instruments, you should not only inhale air enough, but also control an expiration and allot with its energy. If you do not instal this basic ability, your play will always remain the compromise. "I am very grateful to one my reader, the professional musician who is blowing the trumpet who has written to me that accomplishment of exercises from this book has helped it to achieve stronger and complete sounding without the slightest efforts. It is really remarkable news!

48 Good portion of laughter always helped me to feel is much better and physical, and mentally. But life does not consist only of laughter. A leah exists other method which one can cause the same perfect sense? Perhaps, there is a method of breath which one causes the same effect?

I very much like this problem! It returns me those days when I rehearsed an one-act comic operetta Jean Karlo Menotti’s "Earphone". In it was only two protagonists — Lucy and Ben.

Lucy, the pensive person, said (even, more likely, sang) some the perfect songs interrupted by shots of laughter, during a phone conversation. Ben achieved Lucy’s attention, but all its tryings were vain because of the infinite call bells. Has concluded that he has tendered itself(himself) instead of the earphone. For me was huge enjoying to learn selflessly to laugh loudly and giggle in any place of a musical phrase. I remember that in the end all hall clapped to me.

The laughter represents the complete expiration which one instantaneously involves a deep inspiration. What remarkable method to transfer to deep breath! After such triumph you almost can feel side panels behind the back. When something seems to you amusing, you can laugh only, and it is a natural method of release of your emotions. By the way, it is possible to make and on the contrary: to use deep breath to cause any laughter — from giggling to a laughter.


Ridiculous maculae

Focus mind to sharpening which one is on 2,5-5 sm above coccyx. I term as its "ridiculous maculae". Hog in this place forward, be then dished back; iterate it some times.

Simultaneously make some vigorous expirations, think about something pleasant and smile. Prolong mentally to be focalized on "ridiculous maculae", derive from the depth some snickers, and then with all the heart burst out laughing. Introduce that "ridiculous maculae" that swims in in you comes up outside. Let your laughter will be entrained afar, like a kite, but track, that its twine remained in your Center. The laughter, as it is known, is infectious. If you laugh, all people around will pick up your laughter.

The laughter, singing, sighs — all is very effective methods of an emotional and physical discharge. After you longly laughed, try to breathe and remain deeply well centered and grounded in order to avoid possible emotional and physical wanes.

The laughter is the best drug for any illness. Laugh, and the whole world will laugh together with you!

49. In certain days my thoughts always wander, and I cannot mass. Sometimes the relevant occurring, presentation or interview have for such days and then the engineering of breath who promptly would order my thoughts and my skew field very would be useful to me. A leah exists such exercise?

You mean those days when you too were tired or nedospali? Or days, when you physical not in shape and consequently feel not very well?

I tender you exercise which one will promptly wake your skew field and mind. Your eyes will begin to shine internal light, and the load on your physical and mental health will not be demonstrated excessive. As though you cared of yourselves, some shakeup all the same is sometimes necessary to you. This exercise will work only in the event that you have already learnt to breathe a belly.

You can fulfil this exercise every morning before a lunch if want. It will yield you energy inflow at some o’clock, therefore it is not necessary to make it before going to bed."


The instant inflow of vivacity

1. Become and deliver a leg on 10 sm more widely, than breadth of shoulders. Slightly tear toes outside.

2. Sink arms freely on the sides. Make a deep inspiration a nose and the complete expiration a mouth.

3. Make one more deep inspiration, and then a slow expiration, without a strain being tilted forward so that the corner between a trunk and legs was a bit more than 90 degrees.

4. Prolonging to make an expiration, suppose arms on knees and dilute elbows in the sides as though it is side panels. Prolong slowly to exhale.

5. Be gradually rectified and reset. Deliver arms on a waist and exhale all air.

6. Make a slow and deep inspiration, evaginating a belly.

7. Incurvate knees so that they have appeared over toes, and tilt a trunk downwards, as is shown in fig. 62, but holding down arms on a waist. Being in this standing, inhale an additional portion of air. Hold the breath, rectify knees and return to a standing position.

8. Again bend and inhale one more portion of air in the heel of lungs. Hold the breath, rectify knees and vyprjamtes.

9. Iterate point 7 some times, yet will not experience that the heel of your lungs is completely straightened and charged by air maximum quantity.

The remark: points 5-8 look is cumbersome on a paper, but actually will occupy all some secs.

10. vyprjamtes also make the complete expiration going from a Center. Sink arms on the sides and relax them. Will feel, how expired air the Russian cabbage soup) is spread to the vertex, escapes from your widely open eyes and is teemed on all your skew field, including setpins of arms and legs.

11. Make some deep inspirations and expirations, watching of light surges which one explain and uncover your mind. Throughout all exercise it is necessary to breathe deeply. Even when you make an expiration, breath should be anchored at belly centre.

12. Iterate the previous 11 points one or two times, but it is no more. Let your hardiness will be to you the judge. During following session you can iterate exercise some more time. But do not make more than two sessions in day.

50. Nensi Zi, a leah you fulfil exercises from your book "breath Art" regularly? A leah we should practice these exercises throughout the durable time frame?

Instruction to breath art can be compared to instruction to driving on the velocipede. If you have learnt once it will be always able. However perfections can be attained only with practice. When you we will acquire skill, start to use deep breath in all that you make. Be periodically checked with the book to be convinced that you on the right track, and prolong to be perfected.

For me the deep abdominal respiration became in due course the second instinct. Was not relevant that I make — I walk, meal by the machine, I work, I do exercises, or even I am relaxed, — deep breath always with me. If I have wanted to breathe superficially, I would need to apply an effort.

In "Commentings to the Lesson 6" on p. 139 I advised to you how to anchor the transited material without durating repetition of exercises. You can always diversify or rebuild your life — to enjoy the discoveries or to be divided by them with other people. When you in perfection have seized basic technicians can express without limiting itself in creativity.

The gear fourth. Fatal mimicking

Gear triggering happens while you, being in perfect mood, start to auscultate and abirritate the husband, the girlfriend, the relative, the colleague which one, washing teardrops and snivels, without feeling sorry forces and colours, zhivopisujut to you the sorrows and fatalities.

Why it happens. On light there is a category of people as which one rightfully it is possible to term "professional plakalshchiki", and in their arresters we, nonprofessionals, are fallen permanently. Pros differ from fans that they at all do not believe in characteristic torments, and dexterously use the story about them in the purposes — engagings to itself attentions, its holdings on the person during a long time and inspired filling up of emotional hollow.

This gear works as follows: the person who has become stupid from cock-and-bull stories plakalshchika and convinced of a blank impossibility to abirritate him all known and unknown to a science methods, tries to advocate the brain and for this purpose uses its weapon: is accepted to invent imaginary problems and starts to tell about the nonexistent misfortunes. At first misfortunes and sorrows are tried to discover arduously and then as if the container of Pandory, and here is unclosed, you already choke with pity to yourselves, sit and drop avaricious teardrops endways on a bar counter cover, a kitchen base or a garden bench-base, depending on where you were overtaken by the plakalshchik-professional.

However, it is not necessary to amuse itself thought that in all your fatalities it is guilty plakalshchik, and you to it have no ratio. Plakalshchiki overtake those people who dream to render them protection. At first so pleasantly to feel itself in a role of the wise trainer, a guru spilling crumbs of invaluable experience on dry soil of poor reason. Only then, when the gear is launched, ourselves continuously overflow in a category plakalshchikov, and, piously we believe in all featured travails.

I tender you to analyze that happens in a situation when the travail gear under a title "Fatal mimicking" to the full extent turnes on.

Starting positions. So, we will fancy a certain hypothetical woman. In advance we will discuss that no global shocks in her life happen. At it good monogynopaedium, moderately the careful husband, interesting operation and a benevolent circle of contacts. Thus it is healthy, perfectly looks and has no material problems.

And now we will play one-act performance from home life.

The wife comes from operation before the husband. At it today an optimistic spirit — it has gained the bonus, has had time to buy gifts to and to the husband and to make a tasty supper.

The husband is returned from operation, transits on galley and sits down desktop.

The husband: today at us the deal has broken. We hoped that our perfect delineations thanks to which one balloons can fly above and more longly, will be pleasant to mayor Luzhkov, however, it has torn them in small shreds and has left to play football.

The wife: what horror, you so tried, you after all the best in a city the specialist on balloons, without you they all simply would fall to land!!! I have prepared thy favourite pelme …

The husband (is accepted for pelmeni): so it so, but I feel that balloons lose former popularity. If mayor Luzhkov has not wanted them to refine, means things look bad …

The wife: but pelmeni what vku …

The husband (with appetite immerses pelmeni): … besides now all have transferred to hang-gliders … Certainly, they such bright and so promptly fly … to Whom now the specialist on balloons is necessary?

The wife: I spoke to you — it is not necessary to hurry up with show of delineations. How to you pelmeni?

The husband (navorachivaet pelmeni): yes, seemingly, I was comprehended by the alternate defection … does not drive to me in what …

The wife: when you want something to achieve — it is necessary to try more. I advise to you still to work over delineations. Here I, so tried, one and a half month sat over the record and as a result has gained pre …

The husband (is accepted for lettuce): anything at me will not quit with full-spheres, I do not see an output …

The wife: I have gained the bonus and have purchased to us with you …

The husband (does not forget about lettuce): all has disappeared, life has cracked.

The wife: you know, and actually, at me on operation something too is created indescribable …

The husband (eats up lettuce): yes? Now at all it is created devils that … Well though that thy operation is not connected to balloons …

The wife: really, our office on the verge of crash, soon all of us we will be on the street!!!

The husband (eats up pelmeni): truth?

The wife: yes, besides, I feel any burning sensation in a sheer plan!

The husband (is accepted for compote): right or left?

The wife: in left, that is, in the right. Is ill awfully, it is simply intolerable.

The husband (nonpredatory finishes drinking compote): poor, and our full-spheres …

The wife, having forgotten about the perfect mood, holding a sheer plan an arm, loudly sobs, martyrly having drunk a labium, having dropped a head on arms. The future is black. It — most unfortunate of all women on light. A curtain.

Actually, just on your eyes the happy, happy and successful woman has glossy used the travail gear under a title "Fatal mimicking", having launched it in activity to the full extent. Imaginary fatalities, misfortunes, pavors and the illnesses invented endways in situ and inflated to unusual sizes, have served as protection from plakalshchika — the husband at whom abstruse complaints to characteristic tragical fate were not mirrored in any way in appetite.

However, as you perceive, this protection on checkout appears same imaginary, as well as misfortunes. All tragic element of a situation consists that some more similar rehearsals, and nonexistent misfortunes begin a reality — to recall the karmic law of implementation enough.

You saw performance from auditorium, and now yield we will look, what real senses and emotions were inserted to it by the featured actress.

The gear in operation. The wife comes from operation before the husband. At it today an optimistic spirit — it has gained the bonus, has had time to buy gifts to and to the husband and to make a tasty supper.

The husband is returned from operation, transits on galley and sits down desktop.

The husband: today at us the deal has broken. We hoped that our perfect delineations thanks to which one balloons can fly above and more longly, will be pleasant to mayor Luzhkov, however, it has torn them in small shreds and has left to play football.

The wife (it is torn to be divided with the husband the good mood, but bumps against detuned senses and solves to give a feasible support): what horror, you so tried, you after all the best in a city the specialist on balloons, without you they all simply would fall to land!!! I have prepared thy favourite pelme …

The husband (is accepted for pelmeni): so it so, but I feel that balloons lose former popularity. If mayor Luzhkov has not wanted them to refine, means things look bad …

The wife (with astonishment thinks: "Bars, yes it was from the very beginning visible, what these full-spheres are necessary to nobody, as this design with full-spheres — only a hobby of the husband, and actually its small oil-well brings quite good money, what he so is upset?". Tries to sidetrack the husband): but pelmeni what vku …

The husband (with appetite immerses pelmeni): … besides now all have transferred to hang-gliders … Certainly, they such bright and so promptly fly … to Whom now the specialist on balloons is necessary?

The wife (feels characteristic wisdom and hot desire to teach the husband to live): I spoke to you — it is not necessary to hurry up with show of delineations. How to you pelmeni?

The husband (navorachivaet pelmeni): yes, seemingly, I was comprehended by the alternate defection … does not drive to me in what …

The wife (it is proud recalls the bonus: "Yes, what a difference I — that mean, a deserved success!" From altitude of the greatness indulgently catechizes): when you want something to achieve — it is necessary to try more. I advise to you still to work over delineations. Here I, so tried, one and a half month sat over the record and as a result has gained pre …

The husband (is accepted for lettuce): anything at me will not quit with full-spheres, I do not see an output …

The wife (it is restrained, but gradually starts to be galled: "This reptile as the child, plays with balloons, and on the native wife to it to spit, even if to it will yield the Nobel prize! He though has looked in my side, has listened that I speak, no, all about full-spheres yes about full-spheres!". Makes the last trying): I have gained the bonus and have purchased to us with you …

The husband (does not forget about lettuce): all has disappeared, life has cracked.

The wife (that she’s fine and remedilessly searches for a method feels guilty to draw to itself the attention: "Is not present, well though would ask, as at me case, really! Perhaps, at me on operation terrible crisis? Here right now about it also I will tell!". Resolutely states): you know, and actually, at me on operation something too is created indescribable …

The husband (eats up lettuce): yes? Now at all it is created devils that … Well though that thy operation is not connected to balloons …

The wife (excruciatingly thinks that the such can happen on its satisfactory operation, and to characteristic surprise blurts out): really, our office on the verge of crash, soon all of us we will be on the street!!!

The husband (eats up pelmeni): truth?

The wife (feels how its mood starts to rot promptly, and the pavor at heart moves: "My God, and what, if on my operation and truth not all so is satisfactory, how it seems at first sight? And with health at me something not that …". Having listened to itself, adds): yes, besides, I feel any burning sensation in a sheer plan!

The husband (is accepted for compote): right or left?

The wife (some time excruciatingly thinks, where the right and where it is left. Then notes light discomfort in left to a sheer plan. That is, in right, there, where in a second class to it cut an appendicitis): in left, that is, in the right. Is ill awfully, it is simply intolerable.

The husband (nonpredatory finishes drinking compote): poor, and our full-spheres …

The wife ("for me for certain will soon dismiss! At me a dreadful disease! What awful today day!". Feels all hopelessness of the standing, it is excruciated from the terrible pavors which have held down her soul), having forgotten about the perfect mood, holding a sheer plan an arm, loudly sobs, martyrly having drunk a labium, having dropped a head on arms. The future is black. It — most unfortunate of all women on light. A curtain.

Learn in the sufferer of. The familiar picture, isn’t it? And with you such happened? Means, you are not original.

As is easily we occasionally we yield on small instigatings of the pro, following the tastes of the emotions and losing the control over a situation! As pleasantly happens to us to feel cleverer, more wisely, more successfully and to teach unfortunate to live! As promptly we start to test a fault for the happiness and to invent to ourselves imaginary misfortunes!

Very often in a role plakalshchikov appear not only husbands, but also girlfriends, fellow workers and nearest relations whom put from day ring to us and hours cause us to listen to the long and lacrimal stories about the hypertrophied misfortunes and fatalities. In such events to us, as a rule, happens there is nothing to contrast with these people, and, compensating their negative influencing, we with ease turn on in a play in travail and we launch the gear of fatal mimicking.

Instructive history from practice. Somehow time I was called by the woman and has asked, a leah can give it in me on consulting the girlfriend at whom all in life is so bad that both of them do not see a way out. The girlfriend is in such heavy depression that it simply does not have forces to be converted to me personally.

Naturally, there was an appointed day and hour in which one both women have not decelerated to occur. One of them, Alla — revived, blossoming, with a healthy blush on the person and luster in eyes, held down under an arm Nina — not old still the woman, with the persecuted view and tired, a faded face on which one by large characters it has been written: "Travail — my second name".

"Hello", — Nina has told. — "It I rang to you. At my friend Alla insoluble problems".

Mute scene.

At first we have talked three together, and — Alla spoke about the heavy, intolerable life, about the abomination chief who is ready to be the death of it, about problems with men, loneliness and a lingering depression in the core. It broadcasted well delivered, sonorous voice, cheerfully enumerating limitation of the ex-husbands. Its position was easy, she with concern examined me and a cabinet situation, coquettishly corrected a hairdress and yielded nobody to interpose words.

Nina with inartificial sympathy glanced at the girlfriend and in the most intense places of a narration maintained it, nodding and sentencing: "Yes-yes, here see, I spoke to you …".

It was clarified that women were acquainted in a holiday house three years ago. Alla has just got divorced from the alternate husband and searched, on whom to pour out to the griefs, and Nina, married, prospering, successful in monogynopaedium and on operation, has taken it at once under the guardianship. They have made friends and prolonged to meet and exchange calls already in Moscow.

Having asked both women and having clarified everything that was required, I have asked them to come to me next time, but is more narrow separately as at once has perceived that the main my help is indispensable not for Alla who "was in depression", and to Nina who for these three years had the presents demanding attention and urgent interference of a problem.

I have explained to Alla that, basically, my help to it and not special is required. About any depression and speech does not go. Its principal problem — emotional starvation in the pure state, and actually it is in a state of the lone woman, and, in its most constructive phase. Its problem to solve simply — it is enough to depart somewhere to warm edges of a week on three.

Having met Nina and explicitly having asked her about everything, I have marshalled the accurate circuit of their ratios with Alla.

They were on friendly terms as follows. Alla rang to Nina more often, almost every day, and all their telephone lectures touched exceptional its problems. It in detail retold to Nina all talks to the alternate chief (naturally, a beast and the blood-sucker), colleagues (idlers and envious persons), men (it is finite, a trestle and freaks), savouring each detail and tirelessly complaining.

She complained of all — on a hopelessness, misunderstanding, loneliness, melancholy, an inattention, disrespect, asked advice on any small. First Nina even was given pleasure by its new role — the tutor and the wise adviser. To it, the satisfactory wife and mother, it was pleasant to catechize the unreasonable, unfortunate girlfriend on a trajectory true, to be unmade in artful designs of its ratios with men, to make clever references and to learn it to live. Nina has worked many years in advertising, communicated with a large quantity of people and has managed to spoil never for all time with anybody of ratios. It as it seemed to it, granted to it the right to teach Alla when that once again with scandal changed operation.

The time went, Alla, despite all Nininy of diligence, as before remained poor, unfortunate, lone, unadapted, not able and a step to step in this world to walking smack in the alternate history which one girlfriends then considered before blue discoloration.

Once a week or hardly less often Alla came to Nina on a visit and enviously looked at the cosy, arranged well dwelling unit nurtured and the problemless daughter, and the main thing, on the husband with whom Nina was familiar from school times and which one, despite fourteen years of spoilage, loved it, as in the maiden day.

"It came to us such pity, unfortunate", — Nina told to me. — "To me gradually became so that at me all goes well that Andrey loves me is a shame before it, and on operation all is added successfully. In comparison with Alla I seemed myself such satiated and satisfactory that have gradually started to test before it something like a fault though finely I perceive that of what was not guilty".

From solidarity, feeling a fault and awkwardness, Nina tried to demonstrate less to Alla that at them with Andrey such good relations, specially after once the girlfriend has cried the whole evening at it at galley, complaining of the loneliness.

When Alla has called next day Nina, that being ashamed of the satisfactory and equipped life, to departure has invented unusual history that the husband to it modifies, and it lasts for a long time already, some years, and all its love are the facade calculated for strangers.

Henceforth in their talks there was a new subject — Andrey’s treasons (which one, certainly, actually was not). Now Alla appeared in a role of the side sympathising and yielding a good advice.

Another time, when Alla has again started to complain melancholy that it the alternate chief persists, Nina has invented history that at it too nuisances on operation — have ostensibly cut the design over which one it worked almost three months.

More shortly, the further — the more terribly. Now in reply to all Alliny of the complaint Nina selflessly featured to it the invented fatalities.

I will not fatigue you, expensive readers, this infinite history — plays have terminated one year ago when Nina has learnt that Andrey carries the very young secretary on their rate. The corporation in which one Nina longly and successfully worked, has unexpectedly started to collapse, time delays with a payroll payment have gone. Healthy, satisfactory, full of strength the woman who was Nina three years ago, was transmuted in stirred up, tired of nuisances and disappointments the woman. While we have met it, problems on operation became customary, and the monogynopaedium was on the verge of full breakdown, and anybody, first of all she, did not believe in a capability of that this union will stand.

After our occurring has transited three months. Now Nina is better me knows all about the travail gear under a title "Fatal mimicking". It has appeared what to shut down it it was not too difficult — the effect has not kept itself waiting.

Once Andrey unexpectedly has fetched Nina on operation in the afternoon and has carried it in restaurant. There, unclosing champagne, he has told about following speech: "Nina, you at me the wise woman, tell to me from what it me, the old fool, on the left has incured? On all life has gorged on — it will not want any more! What you at me the beauty as I love you!".

Recently Nina called in to me to invite to corporation presentation in which one it has transferred to operation. I have not learnt it is the woman have looked younger for ten years.

I have asked about Alla. Girlfriends were not seen for a long time. "Now at it is, to whom to mortise brains, except me", — Nina has burst out laughing. It has appeared that Alla has followed to my advice and has departed to satisfy emotional hunger to Bulgaria where it was acquainted with the german whom has married safely.

The commenting to an instructive history. Here so we also make a terrifying story bylju.

Instead of being engaged in the businesses, to live and rejoice, Nina with pioneer enthusiasm, under the maiden demand, thoughtlessly and irresponsibly, has turned on in another’s life and has started to solve problems which one had to it no any ratio. It, as well as many of us in similar situations, were warmed by that she against "unfortunate" and "wretched" Alla felt at success and health peak. If she at that time knew about the karmic law of a floating lever: "Any thing is aimed to be transmuted into the opposite, with that in the larger speed, than more sharply in it qualities proper in both opposites are displayed. The peak-to-peak standard to the right is compensated by a peak-to-peak standard to the left" would lead itself much more carefully.

The most characteristic in this history that Nina has so got into the role tutors and advisers that has not noted that anybody and did not need its oracles and lectures. Alla lived how wanted, as it is it settled. It was absolutely happy with the life, simply sometimes it would like hardly more concern to the person, than it had.

Pay attention to cast in similar ratios — if there is someone who agrees to play a role of the teacher, always there will be the one who will figure from itself the pupil. If someone diligently shams unfortunate and made destitute, second remains nothing how to the full to feel the happiness and a health. As a result the floating lever begins inevitable driving in counter party. Equal balance is recovered.

This one of indispensable operating conditions of the gear of fatal mimicking.

The second mandatory condition is that the person seeing near to self someone more as it seems to it, poor and unfortunate, than he, starts to test sense of guilt for the happiness and tries to adjust in words at least itself with the sufferer, inventing imaginary fatalities. In such events the implementation law at once starts to work ("All is thought. The thought is primary and any precedes materializatsii. In life we receive that to themselves namyslili") and the invented misfortunes and sorrows gradually become a reality.

At first ratios were expedient to both girlfriends — one has discovered remarkable object for the lectures and a perfect capability once again to feel against "sufferer" taken place and successful, and second has discovered a perfect capability to draw attention to the person and an effective method for getting rid of emotional hollow.

Before acquaintance to Alla Nina it was happy, but did not realise it. She so was afraid to be happy that has experienced because of it infraconscious fault before the "unfortunate" girlfriend. But, as it is known, the one to whom is what to lose loses more, therefore Nina has come to such sad effect — to emotional fatique, a devastation, disappointments, a camber of monogynopaedium and disorders on operation.

Shut down the triggered gear. First of all, be not afraid of the happiness, cease to test before enclosing sense of guilt about it. Do not forget that the happiness is a natural state of each person.

Store: do not incur another’s problems! Launch vain attempts to make happy all remaining world, and violently. Remember that pioneer who translated the resistant old woman through road? He felt itself(himself) as what good boy! As the old woman who delayed in an out-patient department which is on this side has been perturbed!

Store: than more likely you will be saved of is indulgent-patronising tinter in relation to those people, whose fate, in your opinion, was added less successfully, the you, the will more happily be died. It is not necessary to anybody to impose the vision of the world. Check, each person himself will transit the lessons and itself will solve that for it it is better, and that is worse.

Store: as soon as you have a desire in reply to complaints and plaint to be divided with plakalshchikom the invaluable life experience and to teach it to live, ask itself a problem: "the Woman, if you such clever, why you till now not in the government?". This in time asked problem which one in this case can be considered, as a key phrase, will damp your ardour, will wake dozing self-irony and will help you to be tapped off from radiant heavens of characteristic wisdom on guilty land.

Store: having met professional plakalshchika, try to switch talk to the businesses. And, cease to invent nonexistent misfortunes! Tell a pair-triple of awfully boring stories, endlessly and initiations from which one at plakalshchika will bring together jaws. Each of us knows a couple of such masterpieces: "There was I one morning earlier, in eight. Has delivered bread in a toaster, on pjaterochku, popodzharistej. The sun …" — and so ad infinitum shone. In some minutes plakalshchik either will evaporate, or will try to resuscitate a pattern something more interesting and close to a reality.

Store: if you feel that plakalshchik has started to insonify the infinite story about characteristic travails, I recommend to you to agree tragical tinter with it.

It will look approximately so:

Plakalshchik: I so am unfortunate! Life has cracked!

You: My God, as you are unfortunate! What now to make? You in lockup!

Plakalshchik: And on operation at me a problem …

You: Yes, yes! You soon will lose it! Never in life met the person who so was beaten by life!!! Catastrophe!

Plakalshchik: And health anywhere!

You: Also do not speak! It is visible, to you on a stem is written to perish the young!

Plakalshchik: That’s OK, I to perish I do not prepare …

You: Ah, it is not necessary, I see all!

Plakalshchik: Yes is not present, at me, basically, all is not too bad!

You: Yes that you?

Plakalshchik: Well …

You: Then we will go on racks!

Plakalshchik: we Will go, to me have just yielded the bonus.

Store: triggering of this gear simply enough to avoid, however, if you have already enlisted this silly, destroying your life a play, I recommend to you to see a situation from outside and with all the heart to laugh over it. Yes-yes, cease to feel sorry and enjoy yourself travail, and simply recall, as you with terribly sympathising and wise type gave the advice, ridiculous and absurd your invented misfortunes as you auscultated hours to the complaints which are running up on a circle … were what Check, one it it is enough to shut down this gear.

Store: complain less and do not make the life of people miserable problems which one you can easily manage. Remember that these problems are yielded you not that you groaned and mounted them on others, and exceptional on purpose to draw your attention to that to you is time to modified the view to the world and by that to recover disturbed harmony with itself and, thus, from the Universe.

Conversation about Tsi And

Accept my congratulations! After study of the maiden three parts you have attained fourth — the question and answer section in this book. Now at you in arms the breathing engineering which one will help to implement your potential in many orbs of life. In the fourth part of the book you will advance further in this engineering in that measure in what you will develop force of imagination. You also learn to attain new altitudes in the mental and physical health.

If you have dropped all previous parts and have begun endways with this, you will be acquainted with the fundamental information on breath art, and also with technicians who will direct you in development of a deep abdominal respiration.

After the publication of the third issuing of "breath Art" I have had an opportunity further to research together with my readers new and more individual method of applications of Tsi of I.Nesmotrja na to chto I studied in singing of more three tens years and administered over numberless studios to help people to perfect their techniques of breath, I cannot hope to meet each of you personally. A most decision will create conversation in this book in the form of problems and answers.

Teaching and instruction is a double-side process. I would like to consider it as a circle where teaching overflows in instruction and on the contrary. The yielded part of the book contains many problems which one have been set to me by my pupils or participants of my studios. Other problems have come from readers of earlier editions of this book. The answer on any of these problems can just be what you need, and it can cause effect which one you achieved.

Problems and answers

At learning of 50 problems and answers regarding 4 you learn about problems with which one others have clashed practicing in the breathing exercises. As to the pupil, the future teacher or the healer, it will be of use for you in the help, both, and another. In the following agenda titles of problems/answers and their short specification statement in sequence are introduced.

1. Principles of Tsi And

2. What is Tsi.

3. TSi And and religion

4. A leah is breath by a natural instinct?

5. Blanket errors in breath

6. Shallow breathing signs

7. A leah there are hiatuses between an inspiration and an expiration?

8. An explanation of the correct deep breath

9. The shallow breathing specification statement

10. Breath by a nose and a mouth

11. An air contamination

12. The strain of tongue hindering an air flow

13. Reversal with sensitive gums

14. A strain in jaws and a neck

15. Refinement of corking of the nasal port

16. Age problems

17. A pain in the back heel

18. In an invalid chair

19. An emphysema

20. An asthma

21. Smoking

22. Education of children and Tsi

23. If the child holds the breath

24. Problems with audition

25. Occupational diseases

26. A strained voice

27. Skew field tongue

28. A skew field strain

29. The occupations connected to a skew field

30. A breath holding

31. Shortage of breath

32. Improving of sports effects

33. Trouble in a traffic jam

34. Refinement of lungs

35. A sleeplessness

36. Recuperation

37. Odours

38. Accomplishment of exercises and breath

39. Balancing

40. Volume of a voice

41. Shyness

42. Speech at advanced age

43. The impeded breath

44. A posture

45. Major and small deep breath

46. Pavor of a scene

47. A play on a tube

48. Laughter

49 Instant inflow of vivacity

50 Problem to the author

1. A leah And, featured in "breath Art", principles of Tsi are similar
to yoga principles, tajtszi, the Chi kung or other east systems?

The term "Tsi And" was invented by me. If to translate it is literally, it means "art to breathe" or "breath art". Everything that we will learn to make well, can be transmuted into art.

My message very simple: breathe well, and remaining abilities and advantages will be applied. Without this basic ability not to attain neither a sound health, nor the significant successes.

Recall those who breathes correctly, — perfectly looking sportsmen, jogov, singers, — which the things staggering and exciting audience can make. In addition to their extraordinary talents, they possess the unusual control over the breath.

Using experience of two crops and the purpose-built agings, I have arranged techniques and concepts of the East and the West that breath art, or Tsi I.Tsi was born And is a simple method of breathing engineering which one ensures copious usage as oxygens, and Tsi and yields knowledge of how correctly to mate it. Breath art is a skill to which one can be trained, and it does not contain any philosophy as contain its many ancient systems. A chi kung, tajtszi, the yoga and martial arts are all ancient systems. The breathing engineering in which one you are trained in "breath Art", substantiates all these great systems and at all does not contradict their principles.

All great east systems are similar that have an equal ultimate goal: a physical, mental and spiritual development of the personality. All of them demand co-ordination of breath with physical exercises. All of them plot the principles on the thin omnipresent energy known as Tsi, either Ki, or a prana. Difference in them exists only in the form of arrangement of emphases and approaches.

Tajtszi places emphasis on the effects derived from sequenced movements of a skew field. Tajtszi, sometimes termed "shadow-fighting", originally it has been created as military art with usage a chi kung. The subsequent years its original direction was modified, and it began to apply with the improving purposes.

The chi kung gives special attention to effects of ageing of mind. The chi kung is a system in which one energy of Tsi is cultivated and circulates on all skew field. It is tracked corresponding by breath, motions and meditation.

The yoga puts emphasis on spiritual evolution and philosophy and achieves complete control acquisition over a skew field and mind. Mastering by the complete breath is a fundamental and indispensable part of occupations by yoga.

2. What is Tsi?

In practice of Tsi And the word of Tsi marks out the main vital energy of mankind and the Universe. The chi kung learns to a healthy conduct of life, meditation and skew field motions to seize breath through dantjan and as a result to create and use Tsi for health and happiness acquisition.

As the classic singer and the singing-master of conventional western music on stretch more than three decades, I permanently use a deep diaphragmal respiration which one became an integral part of my existence. I was deeply excited with likeness of breath the Chi kung and my singing breath, and I was convinced that the engineering of breath for singing is multiple-purpose, does not belong to any crop and is out of a time.

Energy use of Tsi is not new on the western cultural scene. Never easier it selected and did not term. Great singers, sportsmen, ballerinas and other actors, even warriors and healers of the western civilisation used this interior vital energy for a fulfilment of the exploits.

As the actress, I is well familiar with feel and control of special internal feel, which one tracks with my singing, a special ingredient, which one I have adjusted to refine phrases and to make tinter more packed. This special vital force helps me to own the emotions and yields me much more, than ability to behave on a scene.

The majority of contractors are familiar with existence of such invisible and inexplicable force, but never attributed it to any category. I too never thought of its determination, yet have not tested effect the Chi kung. Subitaneously I have realised that we cause these particular effects and we maintain by means of force of Tsi. It is the same energy of Tsi on which one principles of a recovery conventional Chinese hospital an expert base. When Tsi is directed outside, it perfects your behaviour and reachings. When it is directed inside, it perfects and heals a skew field.

According to principles a Chi kung, each person maintains life by means of the commixed energy of Tsi consisting of two types: TSi, yielded us till a birth, and Tsi acquired by us after a birth. We inherit primary Tsi at the moment of conception. After a birth we imbibe Tsi from natural radiants: from nutriment, water and air. We outlay this energy for life keeping up, cerebration and skew field driving.

This commixed internal Tsi is vital for our satisfactory existence and for provision of any human activity. Without presence of Tsi the person perishes.

The last scientific probes have easied the task on identification of Tsi. Today supersensitive instruments can perceive and research relocation of Tsi not noted before streams. Instruments which one trap the infra-red light, fix radiating of Tsi from arms of foremans the Chi kung. A healing phenomenon of Tsi well-known in China already many millenaries. Perhaps, it at last will take the place and in the western scientific world.

Leah Tsi 3 Concerns And to any religion and a leah contradicts it to other religion?

TSi it is similar to invisible matter like a wind, chill, heat. Enough of Tsi circulating on a skew field of the person, ensures health, and the disadvantage or stagnation cause illness. The state of Tsi spots a state of our interior aerosphere. The wind, light and other devices influence our exterior aerosphere. TSi it is possible to compare to a sunlight I in us, absolutely indispensable for our physical and mental health.

Chineses knew about Tsi as early as 2000 BC, at the time of the Yellow Emperor. Historical deeds on a phenomenon of Tsi originate at the time of Lao-tszy who mentioned Tsi in the Dao de a jing. The recovery by means of energy of Tsi is the relevant part of history of the Chinese crop and conventional Chinese medicine.

Chi kung — one of the most ancient systems who has unstranded thanks to need for a growth and energy use of Tsi. As the chi kung was the most effective method of acquisition of health and mental ingenuity, buddistskie and Taoist friars practiced it as an auxiliary aid for Buddhism and clarification goal achievement. The chi kung gradually became obligatory discipline in monasteries. That buddistskie friars practiced the Chi kung, yet does not mean that the Chi kung is a Buddhism part, daosizma or any other religion or political system.

Throughout all my life I had a capability to derive advantage from reachings both east, and the western tradition, without perceiving them as a part of my religious convictions. It seems to me that ancient knowledge and conventional methods of a recovery perfectly combine with the newest vitamins and pharmaceutical pills if them with mind to combine.

The idea about that it is necessary either to select something or to reprobate it, contrasting with one another, it seems absurd and limited. Why it is impossible to use what is of use for us, without dependence from from what L-steel of land it has come? Methods of a backfeed energy of Tsi and concept of Tsi are buddistskoj tradition no more, than reception of vitamins — Christian tradition.

4. I have got used to that method which one I breathe routinely, and it seems, with me that’s OK. What for to me to learn something else about breath? Unless breath is not a natural instinct?

Breath — it a natural instinct, but it does not mean that we naturally use it so well as could. Always there is a place for enhancement. People have learnt to perfect flock of instinctive activities. We have learnt to run more promptly, to spring above, to sing better and even to chew more effectively. As breath is life and we should breathe permanently to persist, unless breath is not the most relevant activity?

The instinctive term such activities which one primely happen without our interference, without thoughts on how it to make. We can breathe, without perceiving, as it happens. But guess that the time when we need to perceive it has come, but we do not know, how it to attain. If you sometime watched of the person it is difficult to them to breathe or if you had to battle for air, you know, any time-out in breath can be how much frightening. If you seize breath art, you will be is better prepared for the solution of any problem with health which one threatens your breath. And, when we know how to keep control of the breath, we can be assured of the capability of mastering and other orbs of our life.

Breath is the most relevant activity because we commit it during each moment of our life. How we breathe, influences each our section, on everything that we think, we feel or we make. Each of us at the average makes 20 000 inspirations/exhalations a day. If we develop at least a tiny part of each breath introduce what will be cumulative favour.

When we abnormally fulfil other instinctive activities — such as walking or talk, — people round us note it and point our errors. But as to breath, hardly somebody can note, how we make it. If you do not note the breath, that is a leah at you chance to avoid the further dimple of your bad habits or errors? Learning of breath and the control over it will help you to care of the health.

5. What errors of breath are most spread?

One of the common errors is the shallow breathing. People are born for deep breath as which one sometimes term as an abdominal respiration. If you look at the sleeping child, you sweep that its belly with each breath rises and sinked. When we grow, many of us lose knack to breathe deeply, and we start to breathe only a top hamper of lungs.

At deep breath the inspiration is routed to the depth of our lungs. When we breathe deeply, we use a total storage of the lungs. At a shallow breathing air arrives only in their upper part. When we breathe superficially we do not use the heel and by that we restrict capabilities of lungs.

When we use the term "abdominal respiration" for the specification statement of deep breath, it does not mean that the inhaled air really arrives in an abdominal cavity. It simply demonstrates that the abdominal wall is involved in breath process though at you the impression can be made that air spacefills in an abdominal cavity. Actually you only use belly muscles to sink an orifice and to enlarge lung volume. The shallow breathing is the reason that older persons complain of difficulties with breath. Never late to start to study and be perfected.

Besides ancient stated that when you breathe only fractionally live only fractionally. This wisdom touches where larger, than primely inspiration of a proper amount of air. The person who breathes fractionally, or it is superficial, throughout life never learns pleasures from deep breath and will drop the highest level of existence which one comes from life with abundance as oxygens, and energies of Tsi. TSi, internal vital energy on which one the Chinese hospital experts and martial arts are grounded, can be routed to any place of a skew field that podpitat to abirritate or heal it. Such abirritating effect can easy pains and offensive feels, it can relax the person and dip in a sleep.

In this book you will meet various fancies which one will help you to feel special feels in a skew field. Fulfilling a fancy "dropper", you will promptly be acquainted with a deep abdominal respiration or recall these feels. Perhaps, you want to seize the moment and to try it, before to move further.

6. What most obvious signs of a shallow breathing?

Here three most obvious signs of a shallow breathing:

Erratic diverticulum of a belly during an expiration and retraction of a belly during an inspiration. To breathe deeply, introduce that the belly is a balloon. When you inhale air, the globule is inflated, and when exhale — is blown off. Do not trouble that air actually never arrives in a belly. If the explanation be converted to a fancy "accordion" is required to you.

Waste winching of shoulders at an inspiration. This point will be considered in the Problem 9.

Aural sharp aspiration of air at talk. This point will be considered in the Problem 43.

You can learn about the breath much more if will answer following problems. If positive answers dominate, you need to develop your method of breath. A leah is retracted your tongue back during a deep inspiration?

If yes, transfer to the Problem 12.

Leah you feel zazhatost in the heel of a back during a deep inspiration? If yes, transfer to the Problem 17. A leah you hold down cogs clutched the time bulk? In other words, a leah your top and bottom cogs permanently (except as specified when you talk or eat) are abutted? If yes, transfer to the Problem 14.

Leah is strained often your voice? If yes, transfer to the Problem 26.

Leah you feel a strain in a thorax? If yes, transfer to the Problem 28.

Leah often other people can catch you? If yes, transfer to the Problem 40.

7. A leah gaps between respirations are necessary?

It depends that you consider as a gap.

Breath consists of one inspiration and one expiration or one expiration and one inspiration. Determination will be more correct if to tell that one overflows in another. Breath can be figured as a coil where one twist transfers in another. These twists are not separate rings. You can note a time which one transits between an inspiration and an expiration, but I do not consider that there is a necessity to spot this passage as a gap.

Allow me to compare breath to machine driving. When you move forward and want to drive back, you push brakes and make a small time-out to switch for rear speed, but thus you do not stop the engine. It is continuous process with hiatuses for veering.

Breath process is very similar to it though it is much more eventful. During sowing and harvesting you do not want to fuss and accelerate process. During the daily activity we instinctively know when to inhale, and when to exhale. You can test temporary calm, but not the real time-out. By means of special exercises you can manipulate your breath and gain those effects which one to you are demanded.

If you like, you can introduce that it is oxygen inhales you in time-lagged tempo. The act of deep breath boosts a Center which one oscillates energy of Tsi. With an expiration the carbon dioxide is thrown out. Simultaneously energy of Tsi is cultivated and leads to the extension of capabilities, enhancement or recuperation. Therefore if you consider a time, which one is required to breath on making a twist and to interchange a direction, a gap I agree, gaps are necessary. But usage of the term can lead "gap" into error. I would prefer to term it as temporary deceleration.

8. Having learnt to dilate belly muscles at an inspiration instead of compressing them, I have overcome the problems with the impeded breath. How it is possible to explain well it to the friends who too need the help?

Was very relevant to perceive a role of abdominal muscles in the course of breath. Yield we will look at a picture 1 on p. 33. The orifice is a muscle which one is between lungs and an abdominal cavity and parts them. The orifice is a surface on which one lungs are retained. At the same time the orifice represents a dome-shaped roof for an abdominal cavity. It is controlled by means of abdominal walls, or belly muscles. Belly muscles are connected to muscles of the heel of a back, and also with the muscles allocated in the heel of lateral surfaces of a trunk. Together these muscles shape that in this book is termed bottom flange muscles.

When you breathe correctly, the orifice is sinked, allowing lungs to finish. The extension of muscles of a bottom flange not only straightens lungs, but also expands also an orifice. It causes short ribs to be uncovered outside, enlarging the heel of lungs.

When you arrive to the contrary — compress a belly at an inspiration, — belly muscles tread out hill up on an orifice. The orifice evaginates hill up and puts pressure on upon lungs, diminishing their bulk. The impossibility of usage of the heel of lungs during an inspiration was foregone leads to a shallow breathing.

When you breathe superficially, you battle to each inspiration. You gather in a belly, cause an orifice to tread out hill up, opposing to an intake air flow. It takes each inspiration more labour-consuming, causing you to expend superfluous efforts.

To fancy obviously process of breath, be converted to a fancy "accordion" on p. 36. For those who wants to breathe more artfully, the following fancy will approach.



Introduce that in the heel of a belly at you the major flowerbud of a flower of a lotus is. When you inhale, it is gradually uncovered up to the end and when you exhale, it slowly is closed down, hiding all lobes and again becoming a flowerbud.

9. A leah truth, what winching of shoulders at an inspiration is irregular and even can hinder with deep breath and why so many of us have acquired this habit?

Throughout all life — and specially in the childhood — we neosoznanno imitate associates: coevals, parents, teachers and others. For many good purposes people quite often recommend to make a deep inspiration, and then demonstrate it obviously, hoisting arms. As breath is internal activity in the core, it is very difficult to demonstrate it outwardly. Winching of shoulders seems unique accessible gesture for an inspiration label. You can recall the teacher of music who with enthusiasm throws up arms, urging a cl to make a deep inspiration.

Or to recollect the doctor who appeals for you to breathe more penetrating and, listening attentively to a stethoscope, propells shoulders, imitating deep breath.

Ourselves can neosoznanno sometimes lead somebody into error, when we hoist arms to demonstrate that it is necessary to make an inspiration.

When we hoist arms, we simultaneously tighten hill up an orifice. It pinches the heel of lungs, and lung volume considerably.

When we breathe correctly, the orifice should be sinked, allowing lungs to finish. Winching of shoulders renders inverse effect, tightening hill up an orifice just while you want to make an inspiration.

The shallow breathing has one more disadvantage. Straining arms at each inspiration, you have an every prospect of acquisition of pains in shoulders, a neck, a back and other problems. The strain tends to capture the increasing field. The steady strain leads often to chronic pains and is spread to other parts of a skew field.

If you could watch of great classic singers, the musicians playing wind instruments, and other "professionally breathing" people sometimes to you could seem that they throw up arms to type air. But if you look narrowly more closely sweep that at first they have completely charged the lungs, from the lower part and to a top, and then have simply added more air, maximum having enlarged bulk of a top hamper of lungs. During such moments at you the impression can be made that they have thrown up arms to make an inspiration.

That it is better to perceive the answer to this problem, you can be converted to a fancy an accordion.

10. How more correctly to breathe: a nose or a mouth?

We tend to breathe a nose the time bulk. First of all, the nose is the main organ intended for breath. I usually recommend to breathe a nose throughout day if it is is robust and possible.

Roth in the course of breath fulfils a role of a stock input. When for any parents to breathe a nose it is impossible, we unclose a mouth. For example, if you have caught a cold also a nose is pledged, it is necessary — to breathe through the mouth a unique output.

Sometimes in a hurry we need to make a deep inspiration, and the most effective an inspiration it will be simultaneous a nose and a mouth. During floating we use only a mouth to take air sip. We are accustomed to inhale simultaneously a nose and a mouth when we need to make a prompt inspiration during talk.

It is not necessary to deliberate what breath is the most effective, through a nose or through a mouth because it depends on an event.

You, probably, have noted that some breathing exercises are tracked by special references in which one it is pointed that it is necessary to breathe a nose or a mouth. Such references have been elaborated only for reaching of special effects. As to your everyday life allow natural jerks to solve, it is required to you to breathe a nose or a mouth.

The most important thing what you should remember, is a fundamental relevance of a deep abdominal respiration. Troubling about, a leah to breathe to you a nose or a mouth, you are focalized on these organs, and it can cause a strain of muscles and throat of breathing courses. Such throat can be at the bottom of undesirable hums at an inspiration which one make impression that you do not have no air. Even professional speakers and public figures sometimes suffer affliction from this syndrome of "indraft" of air.

Instead of focalizing thoughts on breath by a nose or a mouth, try to introduce that in that place where nasal passages transfer in a larynx, the cone hole is. Other details of this fancy you can discover in exercise "a balloon with a cone".

11. What for to breathe more penetrating and to inhale more air at the modern air contamination, specially in many metropolitan areas? Actually, since I have moved to a city, I try to breathe as less as possible. I know that the air contamination will affect on we wash health. What to me to make?

Breath consists of an inspiration and an expiration. But try to fancy this process as an expiration and an inspiration. Compare it to tank destruction before charging it again. If you do not make a rigorous expiration you will not have not enough place for a deep inspiration.

Was extremely relevant to remember a rigorous expiration, specially if the inhaled air leaves much to be desired. Even if you inhale as less as possible air, trying to avoid hazardous substances, air quantity all the same exudes in the heel of your lungs. But this part of polluted air can appear locked there on a long time, specially if you do not know, how of it to be saved.

I compare often this situation to a puddle of stagnant water. In dirty water everything can be got. Only fancy, how much injury can cause a small amount of stagnant air to your health. Being trained to breathe effectively and to use a total storage of lungs, you furnish yourselves with an oxygen considerable quantity, and at the same time air permanently circulates in your lungs.

You say that have started to breathe less. I suppose, it means that you restrict now yourselves in breath and do not gain so much air, how much have got used. If earlier you breathed deeply now your breath became superficial. But if you and breathed earlier superficially now you have created a situation, dangerous to your health.


Air contamination

1. Before you will make a following conscientious inspiration ", sit on a chair and some times strongly jar all over.

2. Make a sharp expiration and extrude from itself as much as possible air, gathering in a belly and extruding outside the slightest parts of air.

3. Allow muscles of your belly to extend, when you will make a good deep inspiration, charging all lungs up to the end.

4. Make one more or several careful expirations and inspirations, depending on your state during this moment.

I think that such deep breath will be demonstrated you by well stripping and successful reception. If you have a desire iterate exercises 1А and 1Б on p. 61,62.

12. Sometimes, when I was conscientious take a deep inspiration to be relaxed, it seems to me that tongue hinders with air hit in a larynx and after that I feel still a larger strain. How to me to avoid it?

I judge often a level of intensity of all skew field on a tongue state. Seize the moment and validate a state of your tongue. Perhaps your tongue will retract back to a larynx, it too rigid or strained? In that case right now you not so are relaxed, as to you, was possiblly, it seems. Somewhere at your skew field there is a strain.

Besides, that tongue ministers the voltage tester, it can become an obex on a trajectory of an air flow to your lungs. Tongue not only attracts and accumulates a strain, but also spreads it.

The tongue strain easily transfers to a throat and vocal chords. When we talk or we sing with such strain, we urge our vocal chords to chatter, when by them transits air, and the voice seems very sharp. Such sharpness is one of the parents of a breaking voice and other nuisances. You for certain heard, how somebody, sometimes and the child, speaks: "I any more do not want to sing, I have pains in a throat".

To slacken a tongue strain, try a following fancy. Remember that a Center is skew field centre, and also centre of an imaginary sprocket which one spokes entrain downwards a strain, and instead of it haul hill up energy for all skew field. When a Center in appropriate way is trained and developed enough, our mental and physical equal balance has a point of bearing, and the world becomes less unpredictable and menacing.


Tongue relaxing

Mentally touch an end of tongue and walk on it to its base. Introduce that tongue here does not conclude, and transfers in a larynx, and more more low, originates in belly centre — to a Center. Draw out a tongue end forward and touch it the lower incisive tooths. Introduce, as the strain in a mouth melts, and allow this soft feel to flow down downwards to a Center. Make an inspiration, inflating a belly and allowing air slowly and easily to subside downwards from a tongue end on the belly midpoint. Fulfilling this exercise, breathe deeply, and the strain will thaw not only in tongue, but also in all skew field.

Fulfilling exercise 2А (p. 71) and a fancy "a gun core", you can achieve the best results in tongue relaxing.

13. My dentist has made everything that could, but I all the same feel often a pain and offensive feels in cogs and gums. A leah will help me to prevent usage of Tsi this disadvantage or to overcome it?

Flow direction of Tsi in any field of our skew field refines a state of this place. Your cogs and gums are not exclusion. From personal experience I know that by means of Tsi it is completely not difficult to overcome hypersensitivity of cogs and gums as routinely it is displayed in the form of a throbbing pain. Hail these oscillations as a challenge. To cope with them, start them to consider, and prolong until painful feels will not disappear, having abandoned instead of itself only abirritating surges. When you are engaged in the bill of painful oscillations, certainly, that each inspiration should be sinked to belly centre. And when the expiration is directed outside breath all the same should remain fixed in a Center.

As it is known, the strong calefaction or a frigorism, sweet and acid nutriment can cause hypersensitivity of cogs. From time to time we even can benefit from this, causing pulsing feels with the help, say, a hot beverage. Use a capability to direct these oscillations of Tsi on stimulation of your gums and their solidifying. You can use this method and strenghten the gums when you are not too occupied, for example when you watch TV.

If you clashing with more challenges, you should be converted again to the dentist.

14. When I feel excited or tired, jaws start to be ill me, muscles of a neck are awfully strained and it becomes very difficult to breathe. Why so happens? In what my problem?

I suspect that you have a habit to grit cogs when you are strained. Next time, when the pain will envelop jaws and a neck, validate, a leah your cogs not too densely are clenched. I will not be surprised, if you also discover that your jaws are squeezed, and at you can even sometimes din in the ears.

If during stress of a jaw and the mouth becomes nonmotile, the strain tends to invade and in adjoining fields. It transfers to larynx field, and its hole cotracts, restricting an access for air. Stiskivanie jaws makes by nonmotile soft and a hard palate. Even nasal passages can cotract, influencing arrival of air and voice sounding. In other words, the voice can become nasal and inexpressive. In such requirements was very relevant to breathe deeply.

These harmful effects caused stiskivaniem of jaws, — only an initiation of nuisances. The strain created by squeezing and ruggedness, can influence a state of tongue, vocal chords, nerves in a bilge, shoulder muscles "a vertebrae and all remaining. You have already noted a strain in a neck. Other problems can have the same parentage if you do not convert back the trend to nervousness.

Effectively to cope with a problem, I tender you to approach to it simultaneously from the several sides. Develop basic skills of an abdominal respiration. Instal feel of a Center. Learn to direct your strain to a Center and to dilute it there. These skills need to be acquired gradually. And in due course you be able counter this chain reaction of a muscular strain which one poses threat for health.

Next time, when you will experience a strain in a neck, for immediate alleviating fulfil following target exercise.


Strain in jaws and a neck

1. Sit on a chair so that to you it was friend.

2. Open a mouth and release a mandible.

3. Hoist arms to a chin and adjoin wrists under a chin, shaping a peculiar cradle in which one the mandible lies.

4. Is tender mass jaws palms and finger tips, slightly shaking a mandible forward and back to relax a chin and a jaw. Was conscientious utilise heat your palms for larger relaxing.

5. Displace the attention to the belly and back heel. Evaginate a belly during an inspiration and retract it during an expiration.

6. That it is better to relax the heel of a back and to adjust it on concurrent work with a belly, slightly rock all trunk forward-back, and then right-left. Make some more inspirations/exhalations, prolonging this light slewing. You can note that the back heel is propelled together with a belly at inspirations and expirations.

7. Easy sink arms on hips and allow them to be relaxed.

8. Relax arms, some times having hoisted them hill up and having sinked inversely.

9. Relax a neck, having made some gyrations by a head on and counter-clockwise.

10. Watch of oscillations which one run a strain from jaws and a neck. Enjoy this healing feel.

11. Prolong to breathe deeply, evaginating and retracting the belly and back heel.

12. Introduce, as all strain subsides all more low and more low and transfers endways to a chair on which one you sit. You sweep that began to breathe more penetrating and lighter. You also feel much more comfortably and rasslablenno.

When at you the time will be, glance in the answer to the Problem 12. It approaches and to your situation. If you practice all exercises from this book it is necessary to give special attention to Exercise ZB.

15. I have often a cold because of various types of an allergy. Practical Exercise to 12 me has very much helped to easy discomfort from constant stuffy nose. A leah there are additional exercises which one I can apply on a level with the remaining?

I perceive that you mean. It is awfully inconvenient, when from time to time bungs up a nose, for example, during the sermon or a concert. One more method for refinement of nasal passages by means of a direction of boosting oscillations in this field is more low reduced. If in runtime of this exercise your nose is pledged, to you can be heavy to hold down a mouth the folded. However try to make it, having abandoned only small spacing interval between a top and bottom labium.


prochishchenie a stuffy nose

1. Touch with a tongue end a soft palate as it is possible more close to a larynx.

2. Lead tongue a line on the upper root, beginning from a place which one is the closest to a larynx, and concluding at the upper incisive tooths.

3. Iterate points 1 and 2 five-ten times or more. You will start to feel, how the upper root is heated, and will feel pulsing surges in the field of a nose.

4. Mentally watch of these surges, including them, and maintain oscillations by means of deep breath by a Center.

5. Consider to 50, to 100 or even it is more if needed. Your nose will be stripped gradually and you can breathe more freely.

Always it is good to have some methods for the solution of one problem.

16. Since to me the sixth ten has gone, I usually wake up in the mornings with a numbness and a pain in setpins. I was divided by the feels with several close friends and have discovered that they feel the same. We laughs and we attribute this  phenomenon on the age bill. A leah I can use somehow Tsi for alleviating of this state?

You can not only cope with this disadvantage, but also solve other physical problems which one come with the years.

Think of Tsi as about your interior energy which one is worked out by an interior battery. Each child with standard health is born with completely charged battery. Every day our life we outlay any amount of our individual energy of Tsi. The battery is recharged by means of the applicable delivery, healthy mental and physical activity, such, as meditations and exercises, and, first of all, by means of practice of a deep abdominal respiration about which one it is told in this book. When we eat, we drink, we do exercises and we breathe correctly, we are capable to recharge our batteries more effectively.

In young years at us was more than vivifying energy of Tsi, and it circulated on our skew fields naturally, without special efforts. As we matured, our Tsi has started to lose the qualities, it became ever less, and natural performance of Tsi has begun to decline.

In the beginning it was mirrored in our extremities — fingers of arms and legs, palms, foots, a head, arms, legs and so on.

Trend it is irregular to use, misuse and in vain to spend energy of Tsi at the time of youth, no doubt, will cause us to regret about it as it creates a deficit of Tsi in more serotinal age. The excessive connivance to itself in meal, sex and unhealthy activity can lead to prompt dispersing of Tsi. If you did not give enough attention to quality and an amount of Tsi in the past years, you can be occupied with it now. Begin that learn to breathe correctly so that you were capable to oscillate energy of Tsi and to control it. All types of activity become more useful if to maintain them by means of the correct deep breath.

TSi follows thought. In other words, where you intend to direct Tsi, there it and will begin to flow. Pains and illnesses are a cue of the Nature for our mind; it is appeal to pay attention to those parts of a skew field which one we scorn. When we think of these parts of a skew field, we direct there for a recovery energy of Tsi. However we can be on a step ahead, preventing illnesses and offensive feels. For example, we can learn regularly direct Tsi to all parts of a skew field, specially in extremities before we will gain the warning.

Your symptoms can bear not only to physical disease. Was possiblly, you have often cramps in toes, foots and anticnemions. Mental fatique or a headache also can be caused out flux or insufficient arrival of Tsi.

When you wake up in the morning and note that your setpins and palms have grown dumb, are not incurvated and are ill, remain in sand bed for some minutes and fulfil following exercise:


Alleviating of a pain in setpins

1. Lay down on a back, suppose arms on each side palms downwards.

2. Relax palms so that they have accepted the natural cotyloid form.

3. Introduce that in each palm very soft egg-shaped sponge is.

4. Pinch these sponges both arms as it is possible more strongly, clenching palms in tappets.

5. Within a sec proofly clench tappets, and then open palms and let they will accept the natural cotyloid form. Allow two sponges to be returned too in an initial standing.

6. Let your skew field remains relaxed while you breathe a deep abdominal respiration, and your belly rises on an inspiration and is sinked on an expiration.

7. Iterate points 4 and 5 three times, and then be relaxed. Let palms will freely be opened in the form of the relaxed kulaks.

8. Note that in your setpins and arms there were oscillations. If the pulsing feel has not originated, iterate point 7, and then prolong.

9. Watch of these oscillations throughout 50 bills. If the time allows, watch their larger time; 100 bills are a good effect.

10. Some times widely open palms, and then clench them in tappets.

11. Relax palms and mark, as they are heated and overfilled with energy of Tsi.

12. Suppose your palms, if you like, on any part of a skew field — hips, a belly, a chest or on other place to relax them and even to heal. Enjoy itself!

Regularly to drop Tsi through your skew field, including setpins of arms and a palm, you can use target exercise to a problem 35 (about a sleeplessness). Be converted also to Practical Exercise 7 on p. 161 in a third of this book which one also will help you to lighten and even to heal itself.

17. I suffer affliction often from pains in the back heel. I have discovered that at their originating it is almost impossible to breathe deeply. A leah exists a method how to be saved of them?

At dorsodynias always it is useful to consult at first with the doctor and to transit clinical testas, to eliminate physiological malaises. On the other hand, if assayings have demonstrated nothing also everything that to you have registered, is a handful soothing, instruction to breath art can just appear that is necessary for you.

Instruction to an abdominal respiration on a method stated in this book, has helped to be saved by much of the chronic pains caused by a muscular strain and a deficiency of energy of Tsi. For a deep abdominal respiration it is required not only to learn to relax a muscle of a belly and to control them. Muscles of the heel of a back also should be involved in this process. Because of the bad habits of breath, an irregular position, a strain or constant podzhimanija a belly the back heel becomes stiffened or distorts, hindering circulation not only a blood, but also and a flow of Tsi.

This book will train you in a breath method with which one help you not primely will ensure yourselves with the oxygen causing heart to drive a blood on your veins. Such breathing process will furnish you with oxygen indispensable for a surviving, but besides, it will clear in you energy of Tsi and will cause it to circulate on your skew field that will help you to achieve the state of health necessary to you and a quality of life.

When we breathe, muscles of the heel of a back too should move by appropriate amount, differently they will lose slenderness and will start even to harm. Readers and participants of my studios have told to me about surprising effects which one are yielded by practice of art of breath. One reader within long years suffered affliction from periodic attacks of a pain in the back heel (sometimes them term a lumbosacral radiculitis). He has written to me that by means of practice of the exercises featured in this book, he has so elaborated muscles of the heel of a back that they began to share in breath process on a level with belly muscles, and problems with a back at it became much less.

You are convinced that accomplishment of the maiden several exercises from the maiden lesson will already yield good effects. By means of Practical Exercise 7вы can learn to use energy of Tsi and to direct it to troubleing districts of a skew field.

18. A leah it is possible to practice exercises from "breath Art", sitting in an invalid chair?

Physical motions and the positions actuated in exercises in this book, are picked up so that:

To induce you to a deep abdominal respiration;

To relax strains which one hinder with deep breath;

To develop jerks and to introduce orifice and belly muscles.

Development of other physical skills is not significant. Even if you cannot make some motions of exercises which one are fulfilled standing, it is possible to fulfil them sitting or lying. The tension brace or declinations too can be inoculated so that it was according to physical capabilities. Almost in each exercise clearly speaks, what purpose is chased by each position and driving. The understanding of this purpose will help you to pick up compromise motions effectively enough.

Hail each painful feel as the friendly reminder signalling you that this or that place needs attention. The Nature in such a way uses to attract energy of Tsi there where in it there is a need. Be grateful to these feels and respond to them — send an expiration to this place, allowing Tsi to inflow slowly there, heating this place and diluting all offensive feels. Experience, as the pain disappears.

Experience on a private experience indescribable feel of mental signing on your characteristic physical skew field, in those places where the pain is. Mentally be there to meet the pain and to abirritate her. Be converted with the sore points as if it is children demanding your care. Will come into contact to this place and direct there Tsi and then the pain will be succeeded by sense of end.

Contact signs are also oscillations, hot districts or light exposures. Let each feel will be as if a tiny flower, which one comes out outside instead of being displaced inside. Or let it will be similar to the small soap blister flying away outside and disappearing in air.

All fancies in this book can be fulfilled easily in an invalid chair or even on hospital sand bed. Actually, during recuperation you possess abundance of free time which one can be spent for accomplishment of fancies. Make it in the form of meditation which one cultivates Tsi and causes it to circulate on a skew field, and also helps you to get access to internal tselitelskim to a resources.

The inside of palms always is perfect guide Tsi.


Practice for the persons having physical restraints

1. Lay down on a bed or was friend sit so that arms have been relaxed.

2. Add palms together and seat them between hips or before itself. potrite palms the friend about the friend that they were heated.

3. Suppose palms on a belly lower part.

4. Allow palms to relax your belly and breathe deeply, directing breath to a Center.

5. Watch, as Tsi gradually starts to be worked out. Direct it from a belly to any districts of your skew field which one need a recovery. TSi it is absolutely indispensable that you felt better and recovered more promptly.

6. Suppose palms on any place of a skew field, which one needs mollification and a recovery to attract a flow of Tsi in this field.

You can fulfil exercises from "breath Art" in any standing, and it simply is necessity for improving of your state. Requirements in which one any person is, are unique, and there is no such practice which one would yield equal effects for two miscellaneous people.

Breathing exercises can be modified taking into account particular needs.

Even being paralyzed, the person with a precise mind can gain from principles and methods of art of breath. Customary people can accelerate learning process by means of the movements connected to breath and positions. The people restricted in some motions, too can accelerate this process, using fancies and making internal efforts. In this case the muscles participating in breath, it is possible to control by means of interior energy.

19. At me the emphysema, and a part of my lungs have been remote at process. Than I can be helped by "breath Art"?

The emphysema becomes a source of rupture of walls of lungs. This state, taking into account lack of a part of lungs, will be obligatory to handicap your respirator. However it is possible to compensate it — at least fractionally — by accomplishment of specially fitted techniques.

These technicians easily to learn. Irrespective of a state of your lungs, you will gain from this method of breath, having involved tissues, muscles and jerks in the course of breath. Knowing about how to control your respirator, you can check it and as a result we will acquire reliance.

After you will consult with your attending physician and will meet with its approval, you can start to practice exercises from "breath Art", and the bulk of your lungs gradually will start to be enlarged. It will happen when you learn to manipulate an orifice and bottom flange muscles effectively. Fulfilling exercises 1А and 1Б, you promptly will investigate into this process.

Remember that to fulfil breathing exercises it is necessary without the slightest strain. If there is a necessity, you can adapt exercises for the physical condition and hardiness. The amount of repetitions of exercises and bills in them are pointed to yield the general idea. In your event you can diminish in the beginning number of repetitions and bills on 30 or by 50 percents, and then gradually to transfer to operation to ultimate capacity. But any efforts.


Advice on that usage to that you have learnt

Now, when you have learnt Six Lessons, practical exercises and the fancies featured in parts 2 and 3, you have created for themselves safe effective system of deep breath for support of any kind of activity which one is required to you. You are on a trajectory to reaching of predominant purpose of Tsi And — to extraction of maximum favour from daily breath. When you will apply principles of deep breath in your daily activity, remember that the more you direct breath to a Center, the it is more at you accumulates. Energies which one you can use. By means of the regular and frequent stimulation of a Center by the applicable deep breath the commixed energy will perfect your mind and a skew field.

Remember, than more you practice Tsi And, especially experimental foreman become also that can lighter discover own techniques. When Tsi Also becomes a habit, yours concentration, the motivating and perseverence will be rewarded, and you we will acquire hardiness, grace, glowing and an interior health.

All exercises of the second part have been picked carefully up for reaching of the special purposes. Now, when you have seized these exercises, you can constitute the own program, iterating the most useful to you exercises and combining them in miscellaneous successions. If any fancy helps you with your exercises, use it more often while the effect will not disappear, and then use the following or devise own.

Be flexible in the approach, sensitively experiment and adjust exercises for the individual needs. Fulfil one-two exercises before an initiation of playing sports or when you feel that need an energetic backfeed. Spend for it some minutes in day, and you will be attacked by that, your life will how much be modified.

And, the most important thing, I sincerely hope that you will enjoy both the practice of Tsi And, and all physical and mental advantages which one it brings.